This Bali Beginnings deals with patients who suffer from particular addictions on the basis of programs integrating the medical, psychological and social dimensions. However, the work that it carries out starts already upstream since this unit conducts an important activity of consultation carried out in relation with the general practitioners of the whole country.

After the hospitalization phase for detoxification and therapeutic orientation, the program is continued outpatient. In this context, a semi-ambulatory Bali Beginnings unit has been set up to monitor this type of patient.



  • The break in the cycle of dependence on alcohol.
  • Assessment of your medical, psychological and social situation.
  • An improvement of your state of health.

Learning ways to reduce the risk of relapse after you leave the hospital or rehab center.

The establishment of a follow-up program after discharge from the hospital, in which we will try to integrate, whenever possible, your family and your doctor.

The treatment:

Take medication to reduce the signs of withdrawal (these drugs will be stopped gradually during your hospitalization).

Individual care by a multidisciplinary care team comprising: A balance sheet and psychiatric care, physical assessment, evaluation, social support and the permanent presence of the nursing team.

Participation in Therapeutic Activities in Groups:

These activities are intended to put you in better psychological and physical shape as well as help you reduce the risk of a relapse after you leave the hospital. These activities are an integral part of your treatment and your presence is mandatory.

The Bali Beginnings Rehab center offers the following possibilities: Interviews of couples and families, assessments and psychological accompaniments.


This Bali Beginnings center hosts drug users in the service. After evaluation, patients are referred to substitution treatment, classic weaning or even ultra-rapid weaning under anesthesia, according to the indications they treat their patients with very politely.

During their stay in Bali Beginnings, patients are followed by a multidisciplinary team as part of a bio-psycho-social rehabilitation. A therapeutic project, including or not physical weaning, is offered to drug users. A program of socio-sports and cultural activities is also associated.

After discharge from Bali center rehab, patients are revised consultation to organize a follow up with therapists and outdoor structures, residential or outpatient.

Admission procedure:

Before being hospitalized in the Bali Rehab center, we propose a preliminary consultation with a member of the therapeutic team. To make an appointment, call from your Phone: (AU) 1800 REHAB BALI or (03) 9910 4067 and request a pre-hospital consultation. You can also visit our website for contact us Bali Beginnings Rehab.

This interview allows to evaluate your situation to determine the best overall therapeutic orientation (hospital withdrawal treatment or outpatient, ambulatory monitoring,) and if a decision on admission to the unit is taken together, prepare your entry. If you wish, you can be accompanied during this consultation.

As soon as a place is vacated, you will be contacted by the Bali Beginning to inform you of your admission date.

If you do not want to hospital withdrawal treatment but desire a consultation about your drinking problem, please make an appointment by Email us: and request a consultation with a psychiatrist or psychologist specializing in alcoholism.

If you suffer from alcohol and drug addiction, please refer to Addictions center of Bali Beginnings Rehab center, it’s the best choice for you. Finally, for any other question, you can always contact our Bali center of Rehab Beginnings. For more inquiries please come to our center of rehab and get your best treatment and get relief as we are the best service provider.

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