Receding hairline or getting bald is a condition that can be very terrifying because hair loss is not only something that can affect one's physical appearance but it can also affect one's level of confidence. A person suffering from hair loss can also suffer form low self-esteem. If your crowning glory starts to recede, you may become overly conscious about your appearance and this affects your behavior and your personality. Most people lose confidence if they are unhappy with their physical appearance. It is important to learn about baldness prevention to save yourself from the negative effects of hair loss in your life.

Baldness prevention tip no.1: Nutritious diet. Hair loss can be a result of malnutrition so to keep your crowning glory, eat nutritious foods especially foods good for your hair and scalp. A healthy hair is an indication of good health so always choose foods that are good for your health. Eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods or fast foods because they are usually not healthy. Properly hydrate yourself and drink lots of water because dehydration is not good for your hair and for your overall health.

Baldness prevention tip no.2: Avoid frequent hairstyle change. Let your hair grow naturally and go to your favorite salon for occasional trim but avoid too much salon treatments and styling. Frequent hair style change and treatments can damage your hair and your scalp and can lead to hair loss. Avoid styles that can stress the hair like tight braids and pony tails. You can be fashionable and at the same time be kind to your hair. Do not stress your hair too much just to follow the current trend in hair styling.

Baldness prevention tip no.3: Avoid bad hair habits. There are people who treat their crowning glory as if they will not get hurt. Stop hurting your hair if you want to keep that crowning glory. Avoid the habits of pulling, biting and twisting your hair. Some people are too harsh in drying their hair with towel when they are wet. Treat your hair gently especially when wet because wet hair is brittle and weak. Avoid using chemicals and shampoos that are not suitable for your hair. Choose brush and combs that are comfortable for your hair.

People who have sensitive hair and scalp should practice proper hair care to prevent hair loss. But if you are already seeing signs of receding hairline it is best to do something to treat your hair loss than suffer from frustrations and sadness.

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