Baldness also is known as alopecia, a condition of hair loss, or absence of hair. It is most noticeable on the scalp but can occur anywhere on the part of the body where hair grows. The most common cause of baldness is androgenic hair loss or alopecia androgenetica. The absence of hair or hair loss is more common in men than in women. It is treated according to age, overall health, or past health, how a patient handles medications and therapies? How much immunity does the patient have? Now if we discuss the reasons, we mainly found a combination of the following:
● Hormonal Imbalance
● Genetic issues
● Burns or injury
● The untreated wound of the scalp
● Iron deficiency
● Rapid weight loss
Poor circulation of the scalp, wearing hats on the head or dandruff does not cause hair loss. The symptoms of hair loss vary according to the type. There are five to six types of hair losses, like
Male-pattern baldness
Alopecia Areata
Toxic Alopecia
Cicatricial alopecia
Female-pattern baldness

In female pattern baldness, the hairline is retained. It is rarely followed by complete hair loss. But hair gets thin all over the head, while in male pattern hair loss there is usually complete hair loss. It often begins on the sides, the crown of the head, or front. Receding hairline or bald spot is developed in some of the individuals. If we talk about the treatment, some types of hair loss go away without treatment. Hair loss can be cured by medications such as minoxidil and finasteride use to promote hair growth. Corticosteroid injections also help to promote hair growth. Hair transplants, Scalp reduction, skin lifts, and grafts are also used to cure. In the past, some people also preferred hair replacement. It has no more importance in the latest world. This kind of surgical treatment can't help those individuals who suffer complete hair loss. The candidates for hair replacement surgery must have good hair growth at the back and side of the head. In this surgery, hair transplant, scalp expansion, scalp reduction, and flap surgery are the most used methods. Much advancement has been made in the hair treatment field. Hair transplants are the most effective way to enhance the thickness of hair. They can be expensive in terms of recovery. A hair transplant is a strategy in which a dermatological surgeon eradicates hair follicles from the donor site to a bald or recipient site. From this technique, we can restore our eyelashes, eyebrows, chest hair, and pubic hair too. The surgeon normally moves hair from the back to the front or top of the patient's head. If a person faces pattern baldness or sudden hair loss, he or she should go for it. Your look will be improved and because of this factor self-confidence is enhanced. Normally, this technique costs $4000 to $15000 but the cost varies greatly and depends on the amount of hair being move, the experience of a surgeon, the location or area, the type of hair transplant technique. There are two types of hair transplant in which follicular unit striped surgery and follicular unit extraction are mentioned. Follicular Unit Striped surgery is the technique in which a small strip of tissue from the back or side of the head is removed, and from this strip, the donor hair follicles are extracted. Follicular Unit Extraction is a form of hair transplant strategy that involves the removal of hairs from the donor sites. It is a long-term solution that is more frequently used by people looking to revive the appearance of a receding hairline. FUE is more ordinarily used these days because it takes less time to recover. In this sort of transplant, a patient does not suffer from significant scars. After the hair transplant, a patient must not wash his or her hair for at least three to four days. Use smooth, unscented shampoos for at least 1 to 2 months once you start washing your hair. The patient must not comb or brush new hair for at least four weeks.
The absence of hair may lower confidence and self-esteem. There are some complexities associated with the hair transplant procedures lime patchy hair growth; it can be fixed with more surgery. Bleeding and scars on the scalp and as you know in any surgical procedure, there is the risk of infection. The loss of hairline changes a person's appearance. The research indicates that women are more influenced by hair loss than men. Women are more conscious about personality issues. So those who can afford must go for a hair transplant to look better. To get a Baldness treatment in Lahore, there are many qualified hair restoration surgeons but most people prefer to get it done from an experienced doctor. Those who want to know more in detail click the link

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