In earlier times, nose surgery was all it took to transform your looks, but not these days. Nowadays, most people are starting to go through rhinoplasty. The times of looking at a nose alone are no longer. Nowadays the stability of your entire face is considered whenever judging beauty.

Whenever performing rhinoplasty, it isn't uncommon for that end result to become unique for each patient. Hence, the nasal area is structured to be in balance and harmony along with the rest of the parts of the face, for instance jaw line, the chin, etc. It isn’t unusual for individuals to choose a full facelift instead of just a single surgery.

The characteristic features of an eye-catching profile are the shape and prominence of your nose, the outline of the jaw line in addition to the chin, and the position of your cheek bones. Younger patients have a more elastic skin and their necks will also be quite full on account of ‘puppy fat’, unlike the sagging caused as a result of aging. In these type of cases, liposuction can be carried out around the neck to reveal the natural jaw line and bring it to prominence.

An orthognathic operation, or jaw bone surgery, is performed to provide the jaw line much more distinction. Just like rhinoplasty, it is conducted under general anaesthesia and the surgeon can either operate externally or from the inside of your mouth. The bones inside the jaw are broken or cut, and after that re aligned using metal plates as well as screws. Following your operation, the patient can see the doctor for regular check-ups to ensure that there's recovery and to ensure that no infection is forming in the jaw. In case the surgeon is unhappy with the results of the surgery, he could recommend another surgical procedure to fix those bones which may have moved after surgery.

Cheek augmentation surgery is conducted to emphasize the look of the cheeks. To raise the cheeks, a surgeon might choose to place an implant over the cheek bone or inject the area with the patient’s own fat or soft tissue filler. Only rarely do surgeons restructure the cheekbones. Throughout the surgery, the surgeon is likely to make an incision close to the upper gumline and slip the implants in place. They're able to also make an opening close to the eye, but the majority tend to avoid it because it leaves a visual scar. Exactly like in rhinoplasty and orthognathic surgery, there are certain risks involved with the procedure, such as the formation or a clot or severe swelling.

A Rhinoplasty process could allow the nose an even more graceful look. When the nose surgery is balanced with the jaw, along with the cheekbones, it may provide the face a more balanced look.

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