Balanced Weight Training for Men over 40The saying, you are never too old to start an exercise regimen, is true for weight training for men over 40. Many individuals have learned that weight training has benefited them in many ways such as boosting their metabolism rate, preventing muscle loss generally associated with inactivity, and increasing bone density and muscle mass.Men today over 40 that workout on a regular basis find themselves, looking and feeling better about their age.They are more confident both professionally at work and physically having attained a higher level of focus and determination than they had in their younger years.

Complete guide to weight training for men over 40


Getting started at any age

For beginners or individuals who have not trained for a number of years it is always recommended to begin their training at a slow pace when weight training for men over 40. This is to allow the body to readjust and accommodate this seemingly new challenging experience. Beginning the training at a low frequency reduced the possibility of injury to the trained muscles and reduce the chance of burn out. Extreme care and consideration should be maintained by actively listening and observing the recognizable signs of the body allowing it adequate time to gain awareness of the physical challenge.

Commit to your Fitness Plan

implement a workout plan

Training at the right frequency is highly important when training individuals over the age of 40. Younger men in their 30's or 20's are often capable of training five to six times per week without complaint. However majority of men in their 40's have found that their bodies need much more time to successfully recover after each training workout, to allow the muscles to rest and recover to stimulate growth and strength. This has resulted in most of the training programs for men aged 40 and over to recognize active training three to four times per week allowing the body sufficient recovery time and for the individual to achieve their desired target.

Best Exercises for Men over 40:

Chin-up -

pull up

One of the widely used exercises for men over the age of forty is the Chin-up. Variably different from the lat pulldown exercise requiring the use of the individual's core strength, the Chin-up is used for training the forearms, upper back and core muscles within the body. Persons who are physically unable to perform Chin-up sets are often advised to begin the exercise by jumping to an upward position then lower themselves gradually then repeating the motion. This exercise allows the individual to increase their ability to complete smaller jumps eventually pulling themselves up. Additionally individuals can have a spotter on hand to assist them by spotting on the lower back while moving up and down.

One Leg dumbbell deadlift

single leg deadlift photo credit Muscle & Fitness

The One-Leg dumbbell deadlift similar with the typical deadlift provides men over forty an effective workout exercise to train the balance of the individual targeting the muscles located on the outer hip. This exercise is often recommended due to the fact that it does not place a significant load on the individual as the conventional deadlift.

Standing Cable Row

standing cable row

The Standing cable rotational pull exercise is performed with the assistance of a rope or long bar. In this exercise the individual begins by rotating the hips slightly in one direction then by transferring the force through the core, explosively rotate in the other direction. Many men over the age of forty who have taken up the sport of Golf as part of their recreational activity have found this type of training very useful.

Low Pulley Row

low pulley row

Many men over forty have found the Low pulley row one of the more delightful exercise used to develop stronger back muscles and demonstrating the proper technique of moving the shoulder blades and joint. This exercise has often been used to alleviate shoulder pain experienced in older men who spend the majority of their time training in the gym

Push Up

perfect pushup

The traditional Push-up is undoubtedly one of the best exercises used to strengthen an individual's triceps, shoulders and torso. Similar to the low pulley row exercise the push-up allows the shoulder blades a full body movement unlike the chest press or bench press exercises.

Any individual can begin their weight training regardless of their age. However consultation should always be sought first from their local physician, especially if the individual has had any history of physical ailment which could prevent them from performing physical activity.

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