In the baking world today, cupcakes are the "new" cake and are very popular across the country. These small delights are attractive to children and "fashionable" to the health-conscience cake-lover because of their miniature stature. However, a common problem with baking cupcakes is dryness. How can one bake a deliciously moist cake and create such "dry" cupcakes?

I have found that a frequently occurring mistake in the process of baking cupcakes is over-baking them! I know this seems too simple, but it really is the most common mistake made in cupcake baking.When baking cupcakes, they should rarely ever be in the oven for over 20 minutes.Making sure not to "over-bake" your cupcakes is a simple but reliable fix to dry cupcakes.

Zoe Clark, in her book, "Bake Me I'm Yours....Cupcake Love," offers very valuable tips concerning cupcake baking. She suggests having an oven thermometer to ensure the temperature of your oven, as well as rotating your cupcakes halfway through the baking process if your oven doesn't bake evenly (2010). All of these factors can affect the integrity of your cupcake.

If you find,however, that this is not your problem, try adding applesauce to your cupcake batter, or mixing your batter with a premium vegetable oil. These "moisture magnets" will definitely create a deliciously moist cupcake that you and your family are sure to enjoy.

In addition, be careful not to add too much sugar or flour to your batter. To quote Zoe Clark, " Accurately measuring your ingredients is vital to cupcake success" (2010). She also points out that if you are going to substitute an ingredient, it is important to ensure that the new ingredient is similar in texture and consistency.Having a batter that is well balanced in its ingredients is key, so make sure to follow the recipe exactly as stated.

Many are not aware that baking is a chemistry-based science and take ingredient proportion for granted. Ingredient proportion, length of time and temperature of baking are all important elements to successfully baking a wonderfully moist and tasty cupcake.
Happy Baking!!


Clark,Zoe.(2010). Bake me I'm yours...cupcake love. Cincinnati,OH: David & Charles Limited.

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Twanda's passion is baking and cake decorating, and her specialty is Cake Art and Design!

Twanda Bates is a self-taught baker/cake decorator and Cake Artist. Her business, Wanni's Suga-Sweets Specialty Cakes & Desserts, was designed and created to bring to the surrounding communities a form of cake decorating not commonly found in her area. Twanda has honed and mastered skills that give her cakes a unique and enchanting nature. In addition, Twanda is a published Author and public speaker.