According to the recent studies, among 7,102 languages in the world, Bahasa Malaysia is noted as one of the 23 languages that make up the native tongue of 4.1 billion people. Therefore, if you can speak Bahasa fluently, you can interact with approximately 300 million people. Bahasa Malaysia has been identified as the official language of Malaysia and also spoken in Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, and is used as a business language in East Timor. The question is, why should you learn Bahasa Malaysia in your next holiday?

1. Bahasa Malaysia is the language of Malaysian.
Bahasa Malaysia is a part of the Malaysian identity and not just the Malays. However, English, Mandarin, and Tamil are still widely spoken in Malaysia. The term Bahasa Malaysia was founded by Tunku Abdul Rahman after the country’s independence to inculcate a Malaysian identity.
Be it in informal settings or formal meetings, it is becoming more, and more cogent that Bahasa Malaysia as our national and official language is a dying procurement. Bahasa Malaysia is authoritatively the medium of scientific, administrative, legal, and other official bodies. Not only that, our national anthem is written in Bahasa Malaysia, in which it pictures our whole country in a small, simple frame.

Most of the tourists from overseas get delighted to apprehend our country from the beautiful language we use. If Bahasa Malaysia becomes a more efficient medium of communication among all communities, cultural and social interaction will become more imperative and substantive. Perhaps, the racial community gap could be avoided.

2. Bahasa Malaysia is rich with vocabulary!
The words are mostly formed by derivation and numerous loan borrowings from Arabic, Sanskrit, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese dialects, and, more recently, from English. Hence, the usage of Bahasa words is easy for all race and religion. Furthermore, Bahasa Malaysia is rich in the sense of having a specific way to address the Sultan.
For instance, we may use “patik, baginda, beta”, and many more. Other than that, learning Bahasa Malaysia make yourself easier to express your feelings instead of translating the vocabulary on the net. Bahasa Malaysia does not use the tense, grammatical gender, or plural forms, hence, there is no need to worry about grammatical errors.

3. Bahasa Malaysia is an easy/a bonus language for everyone.
Bahasa Malaysia is easy in terms of making sure that someone understands whatever you’re meaning. “Abang, teh tarik satu” have already portrayed the beauty of the language whereby it shows the solidarity between people. Plus, Malay has multiple dialects in Malaysia.
There are altogether ten dialects of Malay; Bahasa Malaysia, Kelantanese, Terengganuan, Kedahan, Sarawakian, Bajau, Negeri Sembilan Malay, Banjar, Bruneian and Indonesian.

Malaysians can get very creative and inventive with the word choices and still have people understand what they’re saying. Last but not least, you can tell secrets in Bahasa Malaysia!

Bahasa Malaysia Tutor
As a true Malaysian, every citizen should be responsible for nurturing Bahasa Malaysia to their kids since young, no matter race or religion. A language has no boundary towards Malaysians or non-Malaysians. Hence, everyone can discover the beauty of Bahasa Malaysia by getting yourself a personal tutor. Anyone can be a tutor since all Malaysians in Malaysia would at least be great in terms of speaking skills.
However, an educated Bahasa Malaysia tutor would help you understand the meaning and proficiency of every word in it. Besides, you can also learn to write and read the words according to the slang that will be used in Malaysia. Learning English or other languages will not be at the expense of Bahasa Malaysia, but we, as the Malaysians, should make efforts to uphold our national language. So, get yourself a tutor now!

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