While trying to remodel or renovate your home and increase its quality, there are lots of ways to achieve it. However, not all of them may be appropriate or yield the right results.

Rendering is a reliable treatment which homeowners trust, but other than this, there is another alternative variant common known as bagging. Both of them are meant to achieve a similar goal like making the walls strong and improving the quality and aesthetics of the house.


Digging Deeper into Bagging:-

Initially, this treatment started using a rather messy cement-sand mix used to coat the brick or block wall surface. And even though its cement-based render mix did help them achieve an earthly appearance on the wall surface, it also came with the potential issues commonly seen with cement products. They include cracking, crazing of the wall surface and efflorescence. Eventually, they hamper the final paint coat, even if one uses top quality products.

In present times, an alternative form of bag rendering emerged - one which uses quality acrylic texture coats for the wall application along with a special bagging mitt. The perks of the treatment include:-

  • Softening the hard lines existing between the separate units (regardless of large blocks or bricks).
  • Filling up the visible joints for a uniform appearance
  • And producing a smooth surface for the thick even paint coat.

Bagging rendering is closely related to wall plastering treatment; however, the difference is that they are lighter and need fewer materials and expertise to perform in comparison to a full-fledged brick exterior rendering treatment. Bagging rendering is done to safeguard the home exterior while at the same time to add a top painting layer for customised decorations.

Bagging is performed with the help of a pre-mixed mortar, sand, cement, plasticiser like hydrated lime. In bagging, coarser sand is used, and the addition of lime improves the mortar’s ability to tackle moisture and heat along with making the wall surface more workable.

Andrew Tyson:- a plastering and rendering professional in Sunshine Coast opines:-

“The satisfying level of quality between rendering and bagging is dependant on one’s standards.

While rendering takes more time and offers a professional finish, bagging is very cost effective and hence proves to be a wonderful variant for projects where long-term value or aesthetics are considered.”

It’s Application:-

Bag rendering or bagging can be performed in a variety of ways in which includes employing conventional approaches of using a hessian cloth.

Brian Meridian:- a rendering specialist in Mackay says;-

 “One can even do it using a soft-bristle brush, a broom, a sponge, a wood float or a steel trowel.”

Furthermore, when attempting to perform this job, one needs to make sure that the brick wall surface is cleaned thoroughly before any bagging mix is applied to the surface. One also needs to dry out all the patching and then begin their bagging from the top, gradually descend.

When using a hessian cloth, an effective way would be to apply the mix in a circular swearing motion. Similarly, when using a soft-bristle brush or sponge, make sure to wipe the wall down in a circular motion too. And while using a broom, coat the mortar using long strokes.

If one still finds indented joints, then do apply an additional coat to achieve a thicker consistency.”

Final Words:-

It is always better to consult with rendering specialists about whether to go for bagging or conventional render finishes. And possibly request them to perform the treatment professionally. Having in-depth knowledge about both, they will most certainly help in achieving the appropriate wall treatment for your project.


Author's Bio: 

The author includes in a team of rendering professionals in Sunshine Coast for years. Also, being an avid writer, the author likes educating the readers on various rendering treatments and how a rendering specialist in Mackay makes all the difference.