In the sport of badminton, badminton net play is an essential area that demands both power and finesse from the player for flawless execution. With just a flick of the wrist, a player can send his opponent scrambling back. With a quick change in the racket face’s angle, you can send your adversary falling to the ground. Being able to defeat your opponent not due to smashing deliveries but through delicate shots gives a more satisfying victory.

Basically, there three different types of net play:

1. Net kill – this is played when your adversary has played a loose shot over the net making an opportunity for you to strike down the shuttle from the net area. For this play, you must hold the racket head high enough to take the shuttle above the level of the net. To deliver this seamlessly, you have to be quick to the net. There is a risk of you hitting the net so when you play this, use only your wrist with minimal to no racket arm movement. Make your racket rebound back as soon as you make contact with the shuttle to secure against a follow through.
2. Net shot – this is played from around the net area back to your adversary’s net area. This play intends to force your adversary hit shots that could not clear the net or hit a weak lift. When played well, this shot is really hard to return by any standards. This badminton net play can be played on the backhand and forehand sides, straight or cross court.
3. Net lift – this is an underarm clear played from around the net area which is usually used when you have to create more time for yourself or perhaps to move your adversary to the back court. Depending on your adversary’s position, you can hit it higher or flatter and it can be played cross court or straight down the line. With this badminton net play, you can deceive your opponent by moving forward and delivering a shot similar to a net shot. However, before striking the shuttle, loosen your wrist and send the shuttle through to your adversary’s back court. Disguise it well and your adversary will surely have a hard time recovering.

Net plays are an essential area in badminton that requires time for one to gain expertise on it. Master these shots and you’ll be able to deceive your adversaries and win effortlessly.

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