Due to fast pace of life we eat fast food as fast food is prepared using oil which produce bad breath. This bad breath is usually called halitosis this is an unpleasant odor of the breath. It has been found that bad breathe problem is experienced by number of individuals occasionally. As bad breath usually have a significant bang on persons social and professional life.

Now let’s understand what are the causes and symptoms of bad breath:-
It’s obvious that bad breath can be caused due to number of reasons such as oral diseases, fermentation of food particles in teeth, sinus infection and due to unclean dentures. Bad breath can be caused due to non-oral disease such as lung infection, kidney failure or it can happen due to severe liver diseases but it can be rare cause. Number of individual think that bad breath can originate in the stomach or intestine this is extremely rare. Thought the esophagus is usually collapsed and closed on the other hand belch may carry odor up from the stomach therefore the chances of bad breath being caused from air continually escaping from the stomach is far-off. On the other hand if you are chain smoker then bed breath can happen.

Diagnosing bad breath is very easy for that you should ask someone who is very close to you as if when you talk does your breath smells bad. Another thing that you can do for understanding is more private method of determining if one has bad breath is to lick one’s wrist and then wait unlit it dries then try to smell the area. Another way of understanding if you have bad breath is by scrapping the area of the tongue with a plastic spoon and then smelling that spoon. Treating bad breath is very important for that is to treat the cause.

Therefore oral hygiene can be improved by doing regular brush and flossing, as well as regular dental care checkup. Therefore make a habit of brushing of the tongue regularly. Additionally you can also use mouthwash. Don’t let your mouth get dry as….Read More


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