Backpacking will often take you out of your comfort zone. It is part of the journey, and it is traveling that proved to me that it was true. You will not be anchored in your old habits: you will be eating dishes that you have never tasted, you will be given experiences that you have never experienced, you will be taken transport that bears no resemblance to the Conventional cars, you will be made to walk in places that are anything but rich... you will be taken elsewhere than in your routine, which you are used to and comfortable with. And that's the beauty of the trip, in my opinion.
If you are traveling alone, you will obviously have to get out of your comfort zone more. When I left alone for a month, it was where I had to give myself the most "kick in the behind" and forget my fears and my habits like getting free streaming to go headlong into the adventure and the unknown. Today, I have a new vision of the comfort zone, and this is a great lesson that journeying has taught me.
You will never get enough: No, never. Not me in any case. I traveled 75 days last January, and I came back on February 4, 2016. On March 6, 2016, I already wanted to leave. In fact, read "REALLY want to leave". My head kept spinning. I was looking for how I could go back and find the money in my empty bank account to buy me a plane ticket. While traveling, I learned that my thirst for travel was impossible to quench. That it was inexhaustible, and that the more I drank of adventures, the more I was thirsty to live and to discover the world
People were telling me, "Come on, you've just come back from a long journey, you're lucky! Are you already thinking about your neighbor? This year, I have not traveled and last year either, and I live very well with that." Good listening, so much the better for you! Personally, it was not because I came back a month ago that I had my dose for the year. I'm sorry, I'm not. In short, the journey taught me that I am drugged and completely hooked, and that I will never have enough. Never! (At least, I know you too!)
It is simply impossible to regret a trip. In any case, if so, it is to understand nothing. I have never regretted a trip, nor even a one night getaway in my area, nor do I plan to regret one, one day. On the contrary, one can regret to have remained sitting on one’s sofa all day doing nothing. But to discover the country, to experience adventures, to soak up scents, to taste a thousand flavors, to observe beautiful landscapes and to walk in a setting that is unknown to us is part of the beautiful experiences of life, stuff that we do not regret and which make us feel alive.

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