According to the Federation of Small Businesses, a British business group, 58% of all small businesses in the US suffered at least one crime during the last 2-year period. They stated that "crime and fear of crime can have a direct impact on day-to-day business activities. It can damage a company's image, resulting in the loss of existing customers and the deterioration of quality and the range of services offered by the business, which will limit turnover (profits) and restrict business development. "

Background search services provide the latest technology that gives you access to useful information on the many problems you face in your small businesses.

You may be surprised by all the important and necessary information that you can find with a good background check service.

Background checks in the past used to be very expensive. Hiring private detectives and agencies can really cost you a lot. Now, with databases easily accessible over the Internet, services like these have become affordable, and some are even free.

However, an in-depth background check can never be substituted. Although services like these require subscription fees (which are smaller than you might expect), the information and quality of services you will receive will be more than your money's worth. All the information you receive is guaranteed up-to-date, fast, and easy.

Internet detective sites or personal search sites (as they are often called) give you access to all kinds of previously confidential information over the Internet.

What are the things you should check to protect your business?

Criminal background checks When it comes to people you don't know; it would be reasonable to check the person's criminal activity history (if any). This is the information that may be available to you:

  • Criminal record
  • county criminal search
  • civil registers
  • driver records
  • Employment records
  • educational information
  • license verification
  • credit information and
  • reference controls
  • Drug test

A background checks (for pre-employment check)

A small print shop in Florida hired a special kind guy as their accountant. Although the new hire did not offer much of his background, he seemed capable and willing to work for a cheap rate. Days later, the owner learned that the newly hired employee had stolen more than $ 100,000. The theft was never found. A late background check revealed that said accountant had previously been charged with embezzlement.

Accidents like these could have been prevented with a simple background check.

Background check for existing employees (as a condition of employment)

Employees are entrusted with company funds, valuable assets, or purchasing power that can be abused; But sometimes they can get involved in illegal activities that you would never suspect. Regular background checks on your existing employees can help you prevent any criminal incidents. Although this action requires legal advice, making it a condition of employment will not be an invasion of your privacy.

Many business owners think of their company as part of their family and would never think badly of their employees. But employees see you as the boss and not as their father. Most of the employees are trustworthy; they do what is expected of them, as they expect fair compensation from you.

Background check of the company of the person you are doing business with the possibility of a supplier or contractor damaging your business is always there. If there is such a possibility, it is okay for you to do a background check on them. Information such as credit, the manager's or owner's background, and the company's own background would be helpful information for you.

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