As an EFT practioner, I was curious how this technique would work on clients who were pessimistic about trying it. Although, EFT training does state that this technique will work whether or not the person believes in it but I’m always interested in experiencing things first hand.

I recently had a client with back pain that didn’t believe in alternative methods of treatment (very conservative minded) but much to his surprise- his back pain was eliminated easily and effortlessly through EFT.

A retired doctor, “John”, in his 70’s was complaining of severe back pains during a telephone conversation on a Saturday. He said it had been bothering him for several weeks and was going to call his doctor on Monday to schedule an appointment. I asked him if he’d be open to trying something that might help eliminate or reduce his pain. Since his SUDS level was currently at a 10, he agreed. I led him thru his set up statement of “Even though I have this horrible back pain.....”. Then we “tapped” to his “horrible back pain”..

That started working and brought his SUDS down to a 5. When John talked more about his pain -he started referring to it as “lousy”. We then tapped more, and revised the wording to “lousy back pain”, after a little more tapping, his back pain was gone.

I spoke to him the next day and found out his back pain had returned a few hours earlier to a new location- it had moved from his upper to his lower back. Since pain often moves locations as it is being worked on, we now needed to “chase the pain”. On his karate chop point, we said, “Even though I have back pain in a new place on my back.....” and tapped to the “new pain”. In 15 minutes, his SUDS went from a 6 to a 0. I spoke to John a month later and his pain hadn’t returned.

Here's just a few reasons EFT continues to amaze me:

“John” didn’t really believe EFT would help him and it did
EFT was able to help “John” immediately. If he waited to contact his doctor, he would have had to wait until after the weekend (2 days) to call and probably not have been seen for several days after that. His doctor typically in the past had prescribed either physical therapy appointments or medication. This would have left ‘John” in a lot of pain for at least a week, without relief. Instead, by using EFT he was able to enjoy his day and forget about his pain.

What has helped me tremendously while working with clients is really listening to them - the words and expressions they use. I’ve learned to ask a lot of questions and really listen.

Author's Bio: 

I am an EFT practioner specializing in physical and emotional stress related issues. I was first introduced to EFT when someone performed the technique on me and I was able to eliminate my craving for ice cream. For over 25 years, I have worked with individual clients and the general public and enjoy helping people reach their goals and become happier. My favorite part is either seeing the change in a client's face or hearing the change in their voice at the end of the session to one that is less stressed and more full of joy. It's almost as if a huge weight has been taken off of them. I treat clients in person and on the phone.