Back Links and Free Traffic, with Forum Marketing and Yahoo! Answers

Some marketers might feel as though today's topic of conversation, Yahoo! Answers and forum marketing are grey, or perhaps even black hat, however nothing in the following descriptions is illegal, but some approaches may be considered sneaky. The execution of these techniques is very similar in methodology, the primary difference is the platform that you execute the process on, along with the warm up process for a proper forum signature.Proper preparation for either platform includes multiple profile and signature combinations. Having more than one website to send your anchor text to would be advisable as well.

The Forum marketing procedure is a simple, straight forward process.

The first part of the process includes identifying forums for you niche on the big board or other boards, then sign up for forums using an alias that is only for that niche. Once you have registered, activate and log in to your new account and start responding to some posts creating a generic signature that anchors to a site that is not your primary objective, to keep from being harmed, should you be flagged as a spammer due to some rookie errors.Respond to your first comment threads, just do the introductory and as many as it takes to allow a signature. Some sites will include your signature automatically, others will give you an option to include it. Make certain if possible, that you are not on a very popular post to start with, and that it is not a sticky post. That way you can be sure the post thread trails off in a short time. Record all of your postings on a spreadsheet. After two weeks, return to your initial posts and update your signature to one that uses one of your keywords as an anchor text link back to your site. Save that signature, and move onto the next forum. You can then repeat the procedure in several other forums. You will want to make relevant intelligent comments, to try to ensure that you are not reported for having your site in your signature. That is the purpose for the delay in revisiting the post signature, to give the link a chance to be buried and help to keep you from being flagged.

You can use a similar technique to market with Yahoo! Answers. The objective is very simply to post relevant answers to questions based on keyword phrase specific questions within your niche for a specific website or affiliate offer. Only on this venue you will have the option of either creating and answering or just answering questions that have been opened on keywords in your niche. The crux of the issue is that you are using a raw URL format in the answer source box to provide a link back to your website.You can both post and answer questions by utilizing two accounts and changing your IP and profile to answer the question. I prefer, however, to simply answer questions generated by keyword specific searches, with snappy, relevant answers. Under the question generation and answer category, which some consider either grey or black hat, you will have to not only create multiple accounts, but answer from different wireless locations, in order to disguise your IP identity. One suggestion that seems noteworthy for disguising this effort is to answer multiple questions including your own using that signature. It is my preference to use multiple personalities with many profiles and answer multiple questions. with multiple answers, that are already posted by "askers" placing my URL in the resource box provided by Yahoo!. I learned this technique from the creators of one of my affiliate offers, as well as learning how to use software to enhance this effort. You can find further information on these topics at EliKen Marketing.

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