Back and Biceps are the most difficult muscles to grow and bring them out with perfectness. Not every person are lucky to have a perfect posing of back double biceps which is one the prominent post for every bodybuilder. Back and Biceps workout are always meant to perform together because while performing back workout, your biceps get pumped up and ready for the action.

There is no short-cut rule to build back and biceps without years of hard work and dedication. Well, there is no universal rule to train back and biceps together but does have a very good logic for providing maximum results on the upper-body workout. Here are some good reasons that you should train your back and biceps together.

Now, while training back workouts like, lat pull-downs, pull-ups, rows, the secondary muscle group that effects is biceps. So, as i said before while finishing your back workout, your biceps will be ready for the action.

And why not to provide a little more effort for the biceps for more efficiency. Instead of waiting for the next day and preparing from the beginning by warming up the biceps, you can already finish the workout at the same time after completion of the back workout.

Back and Biceps
Back Workout
Back and biceps workouts are both pulling workouts which fit the logic that we should train pulling and pushing alternatively each day. Training both pull muscle provides an advantage that you can indirectly get more workload on the bicep without targeting the muscle directly.

Back Workouts
1. Pull-Downs
Back workout without pull-downs is certainly an incomplete workout because it is the primary and most required exercise for back definition. Similar to lat pull-downs, pull-ups and chin-ups are equally important but count them as a warm-up exercise.

Pull-down targets your upper lats muscle and teres major to increase the width for your back. You get bigger wings with regular lat pull-down workout.

2. Rows
For the twist and back definition, you back require rows that can be either, barbell bent-over row, one-arm dumbbell row, seated cable low row, t-bar row, etc. Rows are any exercise where you pull the weights along a horizontal plane towards your mid-section.

This workout targets your major back muscles i.e. lats, teres major, rhomboids, and trapezius. Basically, your back muscles get thicker and muscular with the rows.

3. Pull-Overs
Pull-Overs is considered as an old-school technique to build bigger back. Bodybuilders generally use a dumbbell as their major tool for pull-over. You can also use straight-bar pull-down, one-arm straight-arm pull-down, barbell pull-over, cable pull-over, and dumbbell pull-back.

This back workout targets and emphasize your lats and teres major with very less engagement of bicep muscle.

4. Back Extension
Back Extension is a really good and effective workout for your lower back which I never miss out during my back workout routine. It is always better to perform this back extension as the finishing workout.

This workout is super easy to perform as you don’t really need a specific workout machine. You can simply perform on the floor or bench where you can lock your legs from falling. Back Extension workout can be the best alternative workout for the deadlift and even improves your deadlift performance.

Biceps Workout
Biceps Workout
1. Standing Dumbbell Curl
Similarly, as in back workout, pull-downs are primary workout, here in biceps, curls are the primary workout that you mustn’t miss. Standing dumbbell curl is the most basic arm workout that you can notice everywhere even outside the GYM.

This workout can be really good for your arm warm up as it is preferred to perform at the beginning of arm workout. Simply pick up the pair of same weights and curl towards your chin and release back towards your thighs. There is nothing much effective than curls for your secret of bigger biceps.

2. Hammer Curls
Hammer curls are always better for your external biceps as it works on your biceps brachii which makes your biceps look thicker and wider. This workout can be performed on dumbbells, barbells, and even on ropes attached on cable.

This workout is similar to standing dumbbell curls when you are using dumbbells. The only difference is the way you hold the dumbbells which are vertically towards your arm.

3. Incline Dumbbell Curl
Now let us perform workout sitting on an incline bench for better results and more pressure on your long head biceps brachii. Incline Dumbbell Curl is one step harder level than normal dumbbell curls as it requires more effort to curl in the dumbells.

Well, the more its harder to perform the better it provides the result. So, this workout is very effective to increase the long head of biceps and resulting in bigger biceps.

4. EZ Bar Curl
Biceps workout performing on a barbell is quite difficult than performing on a pair of dumbbells. Working on a barbell allows you to lift heavier as you can add up many weights as your will. This also maintains higher pressure on your forearms and elbows i.e., overall arm.

To perform EZ Bar Curl, hold the bar on the handle with the weights and simply curl in the barbell towards your chin and release back after holding a second.

Well, nothing is going to change no matter how much you keep reading these articles until you start taking action by going to the GYM and working out.

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