Finding a babysitter that you can afford might include you lowering your criteria for a sitter. Babysitter services vary, depending on the needs of the child being cared for and the needs of the parents. For example, you can ask that a sitter also run errands for you throughout the day, do light housework or even begin cooking the dinner for the family.

The first thing you need to do is determine what your baby sitting services are going to be. Be realistic and reasonable when you are figuring out what additional tasks are required for the sitter. Don't expect your babysitter to also be your made and personal assistant. The sitter is hired to care for your child or children and that should be the majority of the work.

Here are a few ways you can find a babysitter that is willing to work for you at a price you want to pay.

1. Craigslist is a great tool you can take full advantage of. You can place an ad for free and screen through the individuals to find one that meets your criteria. There are other forums and websites that you can use too. Some might charge you a small fee for posting.

2. There are websites that are designed to match qualified sitters to families. Many of these sites also have a background check on record for the sitters.

3. Placing classified ads in your local newspaper is a fairly inexpensive way to find baby sitter services and hire a great sitter for your child. Be clear in your ad, put your criteria for a sitter in the ad so you are not wasting your time or anyone else's time. For example, must have clean driving record, non-smoker, own car etc.

As people begin to contact you to watch your child you should screen them carefully. Make sure you are leaving your child in the care of a responsible person that is going to be as caring and loving as you are with your children. Pay attention to your instincts. If you feel something is off, by all means listen to your heart.

If you find a person that you really want to be the provider of your children while you are working but he.she needs a little more money for their time, by all means try to negotiate the hourly rate. You might be surprised and find the sitter will negotiate.

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