There’s nothing quite like being a new parent - the love, the emotions, the happiness, the new-found appreciation for coffee. But, while it may be exciting, it’s also full of one other element: sheer terror! The idea that a human being is completely dependent on you tends to be a little unsettling.

Of course, babies aren’t that scary – they don’t bite (they have no teeth!) and they’re easy to please. They’re not that scary, but they’re still scary. This is why going in prepared helps you calm your nerves.
So, as you begin your journey with junior, keep the following in mind:

1. Bond with Your Baby

You can’t bond with a baby over a shared affinity for formula or an adoration of shiny things, but you can bond with one by engaging them. Talk to your baby. Play with your baby. Hold and touch your baby. Dance and move around with your baby. And swaddle your baby. The latter helps them sleep; in other words, it’s a must do!

2. Know the Importance of Baby Hygiene

Babies aren’t self-cleaning even though they drool all over themselves. They rely on you for their hygienic needs. Baby hygiene doesn’t only involve your child – you’ll want to bathe them, clean their ears, make sure their noses are free of blockage, and cut their nails – but it involves you as well. Wash your hands before touching or holding an infant (and make sure others do the same).

3. Choose the Right Sleep Training Method

If there’s one thing you want to train your baby to do, it’s sleep: Dear Johnny, I love you. I love you most when you’re snoring. From co-sleeping to the cry-it-out method, there’s a variety of sleep training methods you can employ. Confer with your pediatrician to decide which method is best for you.

4. Learn Easy Potty Training Hacks

Before you begin the trek to the toilet, learn easy ways to go about potty training. Some potty training tips work really well. For instance, putting your child in underwear teaches them that their diaper days are over. It’s that much more effective when the underwear features their favorite character: if they wet themselves, Batman will judge.

5. Practice Patience and Be Calm

If patience and calmness were sold at stores, they’d fly off the shelves – best sellers on the baby registry of every parent everywhere. But, alas, these are things you can’t buy; they come from within. To help parenthood become a little more Zen and a lot less “Pass me the Zinfandel,” allow yourself to have imperfections, to have emotions, and to take time off from your child. It’s also important to bathe your children in kindness: handle kids with kid-gloves.

Parenthood is the hardest job in the world. You won’t sail through it with flying colors – that’s impossible. You’ll face trials, tribulations, and, then, the teen years. But give yourself a break: your kids will put up with you, flaws and all.

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