The birth is approaching and you are still missing the initial baby equipment? We'll tell you what you really need - with a large checklist and practical links for re-shopping.


How Many Newborn Diapers Do I need? Rompers, bottles, car seats: the list of all the things you think you need for your baby's outfit is endless. Expectant parents quickly panic when and how they should get everything. Not to mention the fact that such an initial outfit costs a lot!


Let me tell you one thing at this point: You don't need everything you see at the baby store. There are a few essential things you need for your baby equipment, such as enough clothes, breastfeeding accessories, and changing utensils. Others, such as a baby carrier, a cradle, or a bottle warmer, are nice to have but not essential to life.


Tip for saving money: Buy baby equipment used

To save a little money, you can buy a part of the baby equipment used. Especially clothes, because babies wear them only for a short time, so they are usually in the best condition. You can also buy a changing table, baby bath, or furniture for the children's room second-hand.


For car seats and pushchairs, on the other hand, you should invest a little more money and pay more attention to quality and seals of approval. After all, it's all about the safety of your baby.



Super practical for the original equipment: the wish list

A great tip for all parents who are still missing a lot is the baby wish list. This shopping list is created online by the parents and then shared with all friends and relatives. After all, everyone wants to give something as a birth present.


So instead of buying anything, donors can simply choose something from the list. This way you really get what you need for the birth. And with the online wish list, you'll also avoid duplicate gifts. Simply practical!

Tip: Starter sets for baby equipment

Many manufacturers of baby care products or baby accessories offer practical starter sets containing everything parents need for the first months with baby. The advantage: you don't have to think about every little thing and thus save a lot of time when shopping for a baby.


And even if the starter sets seem quite expensive at first: If you bought all the products separately, you'd have to spend more money. So with a starter set, you save yourself stress and money.


Which sets are really useful in their combination? Where is the price-performance ratio right?


Baby equipment: Breastfeeding & bottle-feeding

Whether you are breastfeeding or giving the bottle, there are a few things you need for your baby equipment.

If you are breastfeeding, you will also need

Nursing pads

3-4 nursing bras

Possibly a wound cream for the nipples

Nice to have: a Twin Breastfeeding Pillow-twin Nursing Pillows


When you give the vial, you need

4-6 bottles of milk

1-2 teats for milk, size 1 (preferably silicone or latex)

1 Teat for tea

Starter food for babies



A bottle warmer is not necessary, warming up is also possible in a pot in hot water. Devices for sterilizing the bottles are practical, but boiling them in a pot works just as well.


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