When you work in a large office and someone announces they are going to have a baby everyone celebrates and congratulates the new mom to be. Soon there will be baby showers and plenty of gifts for the newborn. Among the most popular and appreciated gifts are toys such as rattles, mobiles, and diaper bags. Mom deserves plenty of pampering too so she might receive a baby carrier, maternity clothing, or even a gift certificate for a massage. But of all those gifts perhaps the most valuable will be baby clothes. Infants grow so rapidly they grow out of the smallest sizes in a matter of weeks and need larger sizes quite often so having replacements for them will be most welcome.

Buy baby clothes that are environmentally friendly!

Most people think "greener" today than ever before. That is to say we have learned that in order to preserve our environment as Mother Nature intended we must be careful with what we introduce into it, especially when it comes to pesticides and fertilizers used in the grow process of many materials, especially the ever popular and versatile cotton commonly used for baby clothes, diapers, blankets, nappies, and toddler attire. Bamboo clothing is becoming increasingly popular for everyone and particularly for babies because of its grand softness and long wearability.

Buy clothing that will last through the next child

When you expect to have more babies at a later time it is well worth it to buy somewhat better quality in your baby attire because they can then be set aside for the next baby when it comes along. Or pass them on to others who will most assuredly appreciate the gift. Most baby romper suits, dresses, sleepers, and tiny undershirts or gowns will be outgrown well before they show any wear so passing them on or saving for the next child only makes good sense. Money is usually tight when a baby arrives anyway so being able to have a ready supply of baby clothes will be warmly appreciated by any new parents.

Where and when to purchase baby attire

Many new parents to be are at a loss regarding just what to buy when it comes to their newborn infant. That baby is so tiny it seems as if everything is way too big! But babies do grow, and they do so quite rapidly, so plan in advance because what is overly large right now will not be in a few weeks. There are sizes beginning from a newborn which will be up to seven pounds, up to three months which is seven to twelve pounds, three to six months which is twelve to about seventeen pounds, and six to twelve pounds which will translate to about seventeen to twenty two pounds. From there on sizes will be best determined by the child's length as well as weight so measure first. Buying clothing in a local store is always preferable if there is any doubt as to proper sizes but purchasing over the internet is increasingly popular and can be even more affordable than shopping locally. Look for free shipping offers for even more savings.

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