Baby bouncers are currently a very important piece of equipment in a baby room. Plenty of parents can’t imagine raising their child without a bouncer. But even though a baby bouncer can indeed make parents’ life easier, it is also pretty controversial. The opponents of the baby bouncer see it as something bought by lazy and spoiled parents, whereas its supporters consider it to be a way to take care of certain chores around the house in peace.

Baby bouncer and swings – the upsides

Baby bouncers come with many upsides. A baby bouncer definitely makes parents’ lives easier. With a baby bouncer around, parents can focus on their household chores in peace and don’t need to worry about the child’s safety. A parent can place the child in the swing and put it in a safe place around the kitchen to focus on something like making the dinner.

A baby in a bouncer can be watched all the time. Which therefore certainly makes a baby bouncer a perfect solution for women who raise a child while having all the household chores on their head.

A baby bouncer is very safe. It is equipped with a strong harness that prevents the baby from falling out of the swing, which lets us be sure that the baby won’t hurt themselves.

On top of that, a baby bouncer comes with various additional features. Depending on the selected model, a bouncer can swing or vibrate, which additionally calms down the baby and makes it easier for them to fall asleep.

Having a baby bouncer makes it no longer necessary to have a special feeding chair, as the baby can easily have their meals while in the bouncer. On top of that, a baby bouncer can easily be packed in the car and transported when necessary. Here, you can read more about of best baby bouncer reviews.

Baby bouncer and swing – the downsides

A baby bouncer also has its downsides. The opponents claim that a baby put in a bouncer doesn’t have many ways to move around, and to make it worse, it disturbs the development of spine and hips. According to many pediatricians, baby swing puts a strain on the spine and has a negative impact on the silhouette and posture of the child.

What to pay attention to?

A baby bouncer should be chosen based on certain parameters. The following should be considered:
• functionality of the bouncer – a baby bouncer should be easy to keep clean. A baby bouncer cover should be removable, whereas the bouncer itself should have an adjustable height, which makes things like feeding easier. Other important features are swinging, vibrations and easy folding of the bouncer;
• safety of the bouncer – the safety in a baby bouncer is mostly provided by a strong harness. The bouncer itself should be made of strong materials and come with required attestations;
• additional features in a baby bouncer – what will certainly come in handy in a baby bouncer is an automatic swinging feature. This baby bouncer feature is especially important for small babies that can’t get the bouncer moving on their own. What also matters is vibrations in baby bouncers that will help the baby relax and fall asleep. Also useful would be a mobile with hanging toys.

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