The National Center for Health Statistics and U.S. Census Bureau statistics for today’s couples in their 50’s and older doesn’t paint a happy picture. In 1990, five out every 1,000 marriages representative of this age group ended in divorce. Stats from 2015 revealed a 100% increase – with 10 out of every 1,000 couples in this age group opting to end their union. For older couples, the numbers are even more alarming, practically tripling for couples aged 65 and older.

How does this affect the kids? You may think that the impact is minimal. But the reality is far different. There’s no shortage of information about how divorce impacts minor children, but what about adults? These millennials are struggling in the aftermath of their parents’ divorces.

What the Adult Kids Go Through
For Boomers heading towards divorce, here are some tips to keep in mind for your adult kids.

1. They still need to be reassured that it’s not their fault.
2. No matter their age, they will still have an emotional investment.
3. They’re grown, but their role is not to provide you with emotional support, so don’t overshare about your spouse’s indiscretions.
4. Don’t make them choose between the two of you.
5. To the both of you, the family home may be an asset to be divided, but your adult children may still be very emotionally attached to it.
6. Your divorce may make your children question their own marriages.
7. When you start dating someone new, this may not be an easy thing for your children to accept.
8. They may start questioning whether their upbringing was based on a lie.
9. You will need to work out an equitable holiday schedule with your children and their families.
10. Your children may worry about how your divorce will impact you financially, which can impact their finances down the road.

Understand that counseling and therapy isn’t just for divorcing parents with young children. You and your adult children face a great deal of upheaval when a decades-old relationship ends. Avail yourself of all the support available to help all of you get through this intact.

Experienced Guidance for Baby Boomer Divorce

Divorce is a life-changing event, no matter what your age. But, it’s no surprise that spouses who’ve been married for several decades experience major upheaval when their marriage ends. After so many years of being part of a unit – financially, emotionally and physically – the move to being single can be overwhelming. Add to that, the worry and stress of how this decision may impact your grown children. It’s a lot to handle.

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