Most of the rework or design changes are due to lack of communication or assuming that the information is already being understood. This pre-assumed state of mind can be the cause of many mis-communicated requirements. There are certain pre-assumed concepts that come as pre-packed luggage with certain type of domains for example

1. Financial domain
2. Medical and Health care domain
3. Education and e-learning domain

Each of these has specific business needs that must be taken care of .As a provider of information being a usual or day to day user won’t be telling you these. These are normal day to day tasks but when working on the project there may be ambiguities at different levels, right from test case design to development and other activities. When it comes to final shipment then there will be catastrophic failure due to the very basic functionality not being there.

A business analyst must understand this common issue that is the root cause of many evil that arises later in the project as these were pre-assumed requirements that were not taken care previously .Later when initial deployment at customer’s site begin this comes as a surprise with lots of unpaid rework causing delays, out of the budget project eventually leading to project failure.

Companies are getting serious about having Business Analyst as their advocate to project success. Carefully examined requirements where all the end user actions are imitated by the mapping them into real world scenarios are an ideal fit to start with and win the first on-site customer deployment. Telepathy won’t work one needs to get trained as a Business Analyst.

Soft skills essential for a Business Analyst:
These soft skills can be nurtured with the help ofBA Training.

1 Analysis skill
As they say “Mind is like a parachute it only works when it is open”. Analysis needs lots of brain storming practice. This could be taught or improved by training.

2 Communication skill
Eliciting requirements one has to deal with different people. Some are expressive others are don’t. Good communication skill can help to handle this issue.

3 Negotiation skill
Certain features of the project keep on changing with changing business needs of the projects. To keep these in a budget allowed limit negotiation skill is needed.

4 Interviewing skill
Usually people who are the information provider are busy in their day to day tasks when requirements needed to be elicited. Intelligent questions can provide more information.

5 Must be a people’s person
As the nature of the job requires meeting many people on the way to gather requirement and communicating them to other stakeholders.

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