The main purpose of all the efforts is to fulfill all the requirements.

A project is comprised of two main categories of requirements.

A. Functional ------ What must be done
B. Nonfunctional--- How it must be done

Even if what is supposed to be done occurs all focus goes on how it is done and that’s Quality.

It is the nonfunctional requirement that proves to be the driving factor for the project/product success.

BA Training can let you understand the difference between these and how these are handled. It is expected that functional requirements will be there but to what level project /product meets nonfunctional requirements is something called “Quality factors“.

BA Training can be specific and customized as per your organization business demands. Business Analyst Training can provide as a guideline for developing these baseline concepts.

GUI specific non-functional requirement

GUI (Graphical User Interface) has usually nothing to do with the business rules and logics but that’s the main canvas which lets the user interact with your corporate world and to which level it is user friendly gives a pleasant user experience .BA Training helps you to align the business needs with the project‘s target set for quality.

It is important to understand the fact if all the functionality is there but not intelligently put together then despite all the functionality is there the user faces some hard time to figure out the usage of the system. Business Analyst Training can be joined online or on site depending on the convenience.

There could be some checklist if taken care and measured could be an indicator of quality.

1) Number of clicks

Number of clicks a user needs to perform for a particular activity.

2) Navigations

Navigations in terms of the number of available links that needs to pass to get on the target page.

3) Placement positions

Placement positions of links right , left , top or bottom.

4) Font type

Font type has great impact on understanding the right font for choosing between formal and non formal captions.

5) Font size

Font size increases understandability according to the latest research and survey conducted. BA Training can always help to get updated with these trends.

6) Self explanatory process

One of the main aspects that is usually not taken care of properly is that instruction regarding the use is not provided .Business Analyst Training can help to devise such user friendly instructions.

7) Missing links

Missing links can be a problem if re-submission is needed then the user has to start all over.

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