After requirements have been finalized and have been agreed upon by all the stakeholders. Then comes the phase of analysis and modeling the requirements into architectural designs and diagrams.

BA Training is a useful investment in one’s future. BA Training will be helping a novice to become a professional.

There is a lot of information scattered into documents. Usually there are few people who are part of crafting requirements and shaping them into SRS. For other team members to get along with the same understanding of the project /product there must be some clear representation.

Business Analyst Training has an extensive outline that covers all modeling concepts.

This could be achieved by use of modeling diagrams like UML (Unified modeling language). Apart from UML BA Training also covers tools that could help implement these UML concepts.

UML has different diagrams to cater the need of the different functionality that project performs.

1. Use case diagram
2. Sequence diagram
3. Interaction diagram
4. Activity diagram
5. State diagram
6. Collaboration diagram

Each fulfilling a separate purpose ,explaining the functionality of the project at various levels. While going through BA Training one could get hands expertise with modeling tools.To master all these diagrams Business Analyst Training serves to be the a good option.

Advantages of using modeling language :

A. Architectural decisions

As these lists of diagrams are founding layers of the project architecture .These explain about the architecture of the project/product.

B. Roles

These diagrams have well explained methodologies for defining clear roles and functionality that role need to perform.

C. Dependencies

All the dependencies could always be referred as a baseline before going through any major change in the project architecture due to functionality enhancements or change requests. The cost increases due to rework because of dependencies. One could always join some sort of Business Analyst Training to get along with the basics of dependencies.

D. Associations

The association can be well explained by using these diagrams . These could be help in providing understanding for the use of modules.

E. System Flow

At any level the system flow can be well explained by using these diagrams .As the project grows complexity increases in terms of exponentially increasing paths.

F. Concept of reusable modules

BA Training helps to develop some good concepts of design principles.As a good design principle the modules which are designed keeping reuse and change in mind provides most flexible and efficient design that stays robust to frequent changes that comes all the way.

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