Tim Berner’s Lee graced the world with the world wide web (www) and till this day we have not seen the complete stretch of what all we can achieve with it. The common internet brought us numerous opportunities; it revolutionized the way people interact with one another and allowed us to access information which previously had been very tough to get our hands on. But perhaps the best gift of all that this invention has presented, many would agree, is YouTube.

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The B4U network has been labelled as the foremost Asian channel to pioneer Bollywood and Indian entertainment worldwide. Since its inception, B4U has successfully created a brand with a strong momentum, across multiple platforms including TV, cinema, news media, and digital. Today, B4U is a select top brand on Bollywood entertainment, culture, and lifestyle.

The Idea

To provide quality entertainment digitally whilst also providing access to entertainment to a larger audience with the added value through their theatrical and TV platforms – this is the prime mover behind B4U’s origin, and also the cause of all its subsequent success. The channels have mainly focused on Bollywood, music, and regional content. The idea is to provide the audience entertainment across genres and regions. The network has expanded and innovated into subgenres and regions to keep providing the audience entertainment that meets all their needs.

These days, B4U’s regular process includes a thorough content evaluation to determine quality of content that is feasible for the channels – in terms of market fit, previous platform performance, cast, story, and using analytics to determine performance of similar content on digital platforms.

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