Those people with high celebrity statuses are plagued with rumors that are not completely true. In this understanding, it is not only the celebrities that are surrounded by all these negativity. There are those aspects that are surrounded with these rumors which can lead the masses into a state of confusion. People have started scratching their heads in doubt asking themselves, “Who should I believe?” or “What is exactly the truth to all of this?”

B2B telemarketing is one of those things that are surrounded by false rumors, incomplete truths, and a pack of lies. It is primarily because many people hate the very existence of telemarketers that they tend to start all these negativity to bring this marketing medium down. The good thing about this is that there are still those that believe in this powerful marketing mode even with all those rumors.

Business owners should be rid of doubt when outsourcing their telemarketing campaign to a b2b call center. Let us take a look at some of the more common rumors that are being spread and the truth behind it all.

#1 – An automated means of telemarketing provides better results than letting humans handle it

This may not sound that bad, but it is for businesses that want to outsource their telemarketing campaign. The truth is that an even greater amount of people are annoyed by automated telemarketing “robots.” These are those messages that are clearly spoken from a machine once the telephone has been picked up. Once a person gets a hint that they are listening to a device instead of another person, the phone will be put down in no more than two seconds.

People want to hear from other people when they want to know about something and not from a machine. They want to know their sincerest experiences about a particular product or services which a machine definitely cannot do. In other words, people respond better when talking to human call center agents rather than automated ones.

#2 – A single marketing medium is enough to advertise a company's products and services

Though there are many companies that only have a single marketing mode for their goods, it can always be complimented with outsourced telemarketing services. For example, if a company already has a direct mail campaign as a marketing module, they can outsource a part of their marketing strategy to B2B call centers. Upon doing so, companies can catch the attention of potential clients visually and audibly both at the same time. Still, a major factor that lies in outsourcing their marketing strategies lies on how big their budget is for their campaign.

#3 – Telemarketing is only good for telesales

This is perhaps the most famous of all rumors ever to have risen about telemarketing. It is true that marketing is almost always associated with sales but telemarketing can achieve more than just closing deals with potential clients. As of this current age, we can now see telemarketing achieving success for all sorts of marketing strategies such as lead generation, appointment setting, market surveys, and even client verification.

There are other things along the rumor mill that people spread negatively about outsourcing to telemarketing firms. People are free to choose if they will believe such things or not. Nonetheless, if they wish to believe these things that other people spread about outsourced telemarketing services then they might have already lost the chance to acquire growth for their companies. Telemarketing is still one of the highly acclaimed mediums of late that is able to bring forth success towards a company's marketing campaign.

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