When business entities engage in business-to-business (B2B) lead generation, their choice of a marketing method will greatly shape the future of their campaigns. If they have selected a cost-efficient but good-for-nothing means, then they just have signed up an early declaration of bankruptcy. Otherwise, success is for sure where the firm is heading to. It is therefore necessary that management obligate themselves to carefully plan, judge and pick the right one for them. After all, achieving the vision always starts with a right decision.

On the other hand, there is a narrow selection available for all business organizations to choose which method to apply, and one of the most consistent and reliable means is B2B telemarketing. The use of telemarketing began when marketers engage in cold-calling. They phoned sales prospects to market their products and services. When it hit an instant success, it was decided to add telemarketing as a major direct marketing tool. Unlike the traditional and exhausting face-to-face interaction, telemarketing requires agents to do a bit of legwork and research to contact the leads and in order for the call to be effective. Before calls are made, telemarketers ought to possess an updated telemarketing list, which contains the basic profile and varied contact numbers of the key contact person of one firm. It is necessary that agents have to go directly to the decision makers, instead of the gatekeepers, like receptionists, secretaries and assistants. When these things are poorly done, then the whole campaign is nothing but a waste of resources. If otherwise, then there is a big chance to convert opportunities into actual sales.

On the contrary, it is really interesting to note why B2B telemarketing is partnered with outsourcing. What I am sure of is that, there are plenty of reasons behind the indomitable pair. For one, businesses do not operate in a vacuum. Or in other words, no company is an island. There is at least one function that needs to be done by an outside party, which should be an expert on such field. In addition, doing business in the 21st century calls for business entities to focus on core competencies and outsource activities if those can be done at a lower cost and/or at a better quality. Firms cannot avoid to ask for support services if those leads to efficient and effective operations.

On the other hand, clients of telemarketing service providers can better determine what the B2B sales leads want by having the agents get involved in market research. With this, client companies can change their products and/or services that suit what the potential customers so desire. This will truly give a competitive advantage for such firms. Another boon is that, business organizations can save their money. Since outsourcing telemarketing services involves lower expenditures as opposed to in-house lead generation campaigns, business entities can avoid both variable and fixed payments related to a company-owned contact center.

However, there is always a downside to anything. Not all telemarketing service providers can do an outstanding performance in B2B lead generation. In order to avoid contracting a lousy outsources, it is a must for every firm to carefully evaluate its chosen telemarketing firm. Though B2B telemarketing is undoubtedly one of the best that marketing has, picking the wrong partner will not give the expected results.

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