Business is an activity where buyers and sellers mutually exchange goods, services or information to one another. It not only includes trading to consumers but also to other companies that use products of one business as raw material for their own business. It has evolved the concept of B2B marketplace where businesses trade among themselves.
B2B trading has made simpler by using internet. E-commerce initiated the concept of Business Directory which holds variety of information of different businesses online. B2B portals have made it possible to demonstrate your product online and promote worldwide. There are many buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, exporters present online to make business deals. According to the types of business transactions carried out, users can apply to suitable B2B portals.
Buyers and sellers have to register on B2B marketplace before they go for making any business deal. There are many b2b portals which provide major facilities for them. Buyers and sellers directory is one of them. Buyers’ directory holds information about buyers, contact details, their required products/services, quantity and price for which they want to buy. Whereas sellers’ directory holds information about suppliers, contact details, products to be sold and its prices.
Being a buyer if you are looking for sellers who can fulfill your requirements, you can apply for B2B marketplace especially made for buyers. It offers united buying of same product from sellers after bidding and reducing various costs. A group of buyers come together by contacting each other and asking for quotes, bids, price reduction for bulk purchase. Sellers can respond them and, if possible, trade deal will be finalized. Both buyers and sellers can post their ads on business portal so as to put their requirements or products online and get trade offers.
In the same way, importer-exporter directory can be used by importers and exporters to access details about international buyers and sellers. They act as both buyers and sellers from one or more country. Hence, they can add their requirements as buy leads or sell leads. Some B2B marketplaces offer posting unlimited buy leads which helps buyers to put their requirements online whereas sellers can post their selling leads to attract buyers. Business directories online provide facilities for worldwide buyers and sellers, their interconnections and transactions have made it possible to work globally.
Trading portals work for all types and sizes of businesses never mind they are small scale or large scale. It is a myth that mostly wholesalers and big business owners use business to business trade portals, it is not so. Small scale industries, which don’t have sufficient budget for international marketing of products, can afford to join online trade portal and put their featured products for international marketing. As it is an effective and cost saving way of doing worldwide promotion it has benefited every business by increasing sales and returning profits. Plenty of business opportunities offered online have resulted into successful trade leads, provided that done with a caution of safe business trade by secured payment. In a nutshell, this has made B2B portal a smart choice of new age marketer.

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