In today’s global economy, having a leg-up over the competition by any and all means necessary is the common goal of all businesses. Some try to improve their products and services, investing heavily on research and development – letting their products speak for themselves. Others focus on market research and surveys. And a good few put their faith in the power of old school advertisements like newspapers, radio and television. For all intents and purposes they’re all good, and to some degree, they get the job done – to some degree. But, what separates the industry leaders from the rest? What is their advantage? Fair or unfair, the answer is lead generation.
Business leaders have found out that by carefully selecting their demographics like target industry, target area, decision makers and what not, they can properly reach their target market more efficiently. It’s been said before that the money is in the list. True. Combining the knowledge of who to call, when would be a good time to call and where to call in order to come up with a target-rich record list is just half of the battle. The other half of it is the actual compilation. It’s actually easier said, than done. There are a couple of websites that offer free list building tools and free lead generation. Try it and see for yourself how using those free services is an absolute waste of time and effort. The sign-up process alone will require you for referrals. If you want at least 1000 numbers, you have to come up with 1000 referrals. Easy right?

Then there’s an easier and dependable alternative. For a small fee you could actually buy the list you need from a professional B2B lead generation company. These companies have their own data-miners designed and maintained in-house. You get to tell them the specifics like the ones mentioned above, so in essence, you have control of what goes in your list. The numbers that are going to be generated in that list will be 100% accurate as they have their own team of callers whose main job is to cleanse the database every so often. They make sure that the database is updated by calling those numbers and verifying that the records they have on those companies are still accurate like their email address, website and in the process, they make sure that the decision makers are still alive or still connected with the company. It’s very embarrassing to call on a prospect only to find out that the person you’re looking for has been dead for 5 years. That’s the exact point in the call you lose all your credibility and the prospect of having a qualified sale goes out the window. These B2B lead generation companies make sure that the kind of scenario mentioned above does not happen. That’s part of what you paid for.

Today’s economy dictates that in order for your company to survive, corners must be cut and belts must be tightened. But skimping on important aspects like lead generation is just not advisable. Get stingy in this area and you’re bound for utter failure. A lot of companies have found this out the hard way. There are no shortcuts for lead generation. Like any business process, B2B lead generation requires serious thought, time and effort.

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