For many enterprises, B2B appointment setting is one of the most important sources of generating revenues, which is why it's all the more important that the executives responsible for getting hot leads via this method should be more proficient at their job.

The first point to consider in this regard is to understand the objection resolution technique. True, it's a very old technique, but forms the basis of some of the most successful campaigns. Now, the way it works is, the client may have objections or points of concern regarding the product or service being offered. The first response should be 'is that your only objection?' There might be many more objections, and the next step is to assure the other person that he/she understands the point, and many other prospects have asked the same questions. However, they found that (followed by some interesting solution to the problem at hand).

Another great way to drive success with B2B appointment setting is to tackle the 'send me more information' clause. Frankly speaking, people want to be nicer to other people who call them, especially if the latter talk nicely. However, one can never tell whether the prospect is actually interested, or is he/she just stalling because they don't want to seem rude. So, 'please send me details at my email ID' is a default response. However, one needs to have some trial closing statements; something like 'if what I am going to send you looks good to you, would you be willing to meet up once to discuss the proposition in detail?' This is more or less a very effective way of identifying whether the person would actually be considering the proposition or is it just a courtesy reply.

There are many more such tactics, and in the end, B2B appointment setting is all about placing oneself in the other person's shoes. That way, success is virtually guaranteed!

Essentially, B2B appointment setting is an extension of lead generation, with the exception that the latter is useless without the former. However, this does not mean that quality leads are not required, for they are the foundation upon which a sound revenue stream can be established. Generally, businesses are capable of ensuring only a steady supply of quality leads, owing to the fact that the sales and marketing team has experience in the domain. However, when it comes to the final stage, i.e., setting an appointment, there are grave concerns regarding the success rate.

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