The knee is a body part of the human being that bears too much stress and pressure, particularly for the ones who are into extreme physical activities like sportsman and athlete. This can cause pain, which may at times become difficult to address. However, with knee pain treatment in Ayurveda, one can get rid of the same once for all. Interestingly, with this holistic method of treatment, the patient with knee pain feels less stress and side effects making him or her free from the ailment once for all. The Ayurvedic treatment helps in reducing the chronic joint pain that is caused due to inflammation of joints that are seen in the surrounding tissues. In a majority of cases, the knee pain and swelling may be seen due to ailments like osteoarthritis found in the knee joint.

Reasons for knee pain

The pain in the knee is a common ailment, which can hamper the people of any age group, and it can be several reasons for the same. Some of the key reasons for getting knee pain and swelling could be as under:

• Osteoarthritis in your knees
• Injured ligaments holding the knee bones
• Fracture in the knee bone
• Injury found in tendon connecting the bones and muscles
• Breaking of the cartilage
• Inflammation of joint
• Gout
• Infection

These are some of the reasons why knee pain can be caused, now let’s check the treatment options.

Which Ayurvedic Therapies Work for Knee Pain?

For the knee pain treatment in Nagpur, one can find Ayurveda with different treatment options to fix the issues like knee Arthritis. The herbs used from these plants are known to have anti-inflammatory properties that are known to offer a few side effects of commonly prescribed medications. When it comes to the treatment of knee pain, these are divided into the following three types:

• Reducing the inflammation and pain
• Strengthening of your muscles in and around the affected areas
• Reduction in Vata that remains the basic cause of pain along with the internal cleansing
There can be several types of treatment options to get rid of the knee pain, have a look at them as under:
• Abhyangam - it is a complete body massage using medicated herbal oils. It helps in stimulating the nerve that ends up over the site of pain that ends up boosting the blood circulation.
• Kizhi - It employs the herbs, rice, sand, rice, and choornams, which remained tied with a muslin cloth with a small herbal bolus (potlis).
• Pizhichil - It is also called the oil squeezing method, which is often carried out to pacify the Vata, along with strengthening the muscles along with lubricating the knee joints.
• Janu basti - Janu Basti simply involves adding the prepared warm herbal oil at your knee. The oil is then retained inside a nicely-created with the help of black gram paste or whole wheat flour. The herbal oil helps in restoring the lubricating fluid in the joints along with maintaining the integrity of the structures that are involved in the joint. At the same time, it helps in improving the mobility of the knee joints. This Knee ligament treatment in Ayurveda is used to fix the ailments and pain due to osteoarthritis found in the knee joints, Arthritis of knee joints, osteoporosis, and chronic pain of the knee joints.
• Upnaham - This treatment options deal is carried out using a herbal paste over the affected area. It is effective for the treatment options of OsteoArthritis of the knee, localized Knee Pain and Swelling and knees joint injuries.
• Sneha Basti - This therapy is carried out using medicated oil. It helps in colonic Detoxification like the Colon that remains the key seat of Vata as per Ayurveda.
• Kashaya Basti: This treatment option is used with medicated decoction, while it helps in colonic Detoxification like Colon that remains the key seat of Vata. Also with this treatment option, you end up getting rid of the issues like constipation that happens to be the major complaints of patients.

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