Atopic dermatitis is a skin rash and is also referred as eczema. It is a type of inflammatory skin condition and contact dermatitis. This is generally a chronic disorder which involves rough itching skin that may be dry. The condition in this disease will changes from mild to severe and also depends on the climate in different seasons. This disease mainly appears in infants but can affect adults as well. It is more common in people who also suffer other inflammatory conditions such as seasonal allergies. In this disease person gets red rashes when he scratches it.

This disease is of different types based on their causes and symptoms. One of them is atopic dermatitis which is very common type of this disease and is caused by allergic reactions. In ayurveda eczema is also termed as Vicharchika. It is caused by the vitiation of the three doshas- pitta, vata and kalpha. Vitiation of the skin occurs through imbalance between the pitta and the blood. It is most commonly observable on the skin. There are some guidelines which should be followed by the person having this condition.

  • Firstly try to identify the factor which is causing it.
  • If it is due to any ingredient in your diet then keep yourself completely away from that particular food.
  • Soaps should not be used on the affected skin.
  • Affected area should not keep wet.
  • Extreme emotions like shock and anger should be avoided.
    Medicines do not give a specific cause for atopic dermatitis but just give relief for some time. So for the best treatment one should go for the root cause of the problem and not just opting western medicines. There are many traditional herbs that can help to comfort person internally as well as externally.

Several Indian indigenous herbs are very effective and described here are

  1. Alsi which is also known as linseed (linum usitatissimum). The oil of the linseed is mixed with lime juice and then apply it on the affected area.
  2. Arka also reffered as Dead Sea apple (calotropics gigantica). The juice of arka is combined with seasame oil and turmeric. It should be applied externally on the inflammed skin.
  3. Babul (Acacia Arabica): The bark of the babul tree is very influencing for the treatment of atopic dermatitis. It is boiled in water and the fumes are used to bring near the affected area.
  4. Butea (butea monosperma): The seeds of this herb are useful for skin diseases and they are mixed with lime water and are applied on the inflammed skin for its benefits.
  5. Mahua or mudhuca (mudhuca indica): The leaves of this herb are converted into paste and applied on the affected area. This will provide so much relief to the itchy pains.
  6. Karanja or Indian beech (Pongamia Pinnata): oil of the Indian beech made into a mixture with a lemon juice and applied on inflammed skin which exhibits very good smoothing properties.
  7. Turmeric root (Curcuma Longo): Instead of having antioxidant components, the oil fractions of turmeric possess anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin which is a yellow pigment in turmeric.
  8. Silybum Marianum (milk thistle seed, fruit and leaves): Its main function for inflammatory conditions is its ability to reduce leukotrienes which makes it exceptional herb.
  9. Gingo Biloba ( Ginkgo leaves) : Ginkgo biloba extract have platelet activating factor which releases allergic and inflammatory components out from the body.

These are some of the Indian herbs for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and also there are some Chinese herbs in regard for this disease.


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