Gone are those days that you would take a pill to kill a back ache or muscular spasms. The science of Ayurveda has become very popular not only in India but also all over the world. In Europe you will find spas that will provide you steam bath, Turkish massage and some other treatment to relax your body muscles and stress. In India Kerala ayurveda is considered to be the best treatment to relieve you of any muscular pain, sprain, rheumatism, knee pains, cold shoulders and other conditions.

Physiotherapy is a medical science that educates and trains doctors to treat patients, post operation through various exercises. Massage therapy courses are offered at some universities and special training centres, not only in India but in other countries too. This therapy has become more popular in Kerala where tourists and people who suffer from back aches, knee pains and any other muscular conditions come for treatment and to rejuvenate themselves.

Ayurveda is a science which was born in India in the ancient days. This involves the use of natural medications for any type of sickness. Medicines prepared have no side effects. They cure the diseases from their roots. Ayurveda training courses are available in India at specific universities that conduct degree programs in this science. There are doctors who hold a Bachelors and Masters degree in the same.

When you visit a massage therapist for any painful ailment, he will treat you for the same, not in one sitting. You will have to visit him for 3 or 4 sessions of oil massage depending upon the acuteness of your problem, if you have met with an accident this treatment can rehabilitate you, to live a normal life. There are therapists who practice ayurveda not only in India but also overseas. There have been cases where surgery has not solved a muscular condition but massage therapy has.

When you want to reduce stress, you may practice yoga but a better cure for the same will be a body massage by a Masseur who has taken massage therapy training from a recognised institute. These institutes teach the anatomy of a human body with main consideration to the muscles and the required pressure that can be applied on them.

There is a great popularity in students taking up training in this field of science. A qualified masseur can cure people of various ailments. He can rejuvenate the elders with proper technique of massaging that will improve the blood circulation and remove the waste from the muscles. You do not need to be a qualified doctor for the same.

People in India opt for Ayurvedic medical treatment instead of Allopathic. It is a tradition in India to cure sicknesses the natural way. Due to this demand Ayurveda training India has become an important part of general health care all over India. This traditional treatment is used not only for normal illness but also for chronic illness. There are patients who prefer Ayurdevic medicines for cancer and heart illness.

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