The human anatomy, something we study in brief from a young age. Our course books have taught us that kidneys are the filtration center of the human body that expels out the waste and toxins. The human waste (internal) is the result of metabolism. But have you ever thought of the diseases that can prevent your kidneys from doing their job or do you know how it has impacted the human’s life? In this blog, we will find how badly the danger of kidney diseases is intensifying day by day and how Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease is helping people regardless of any difference.

Kidney diseases: A medical problem of the nation

As far as the growth in kidney diseases is concerned, every year the number grows with a huge difference all around the world. It is becoming a major medical emergency. Alone in India, every year more than a million people suffer from kidney disease and die due to the challenges that come in the treatment. In India, kidney diseases are listed among the top 5 diseases that result in the death of the patient. In the surveys conducted in recent years, it has been found that kidney failure is the developing reason for premature demises in India. And the graph is increasing day by day. The main cause of these deaths is crudely treated diabetes. Moreover, there are other reasons like hypertension and an unhealthy lifestyle that pressurize the kidneys and refrain them from working.

Many times when kidney disease gets diagnosed, people still meet complexities and hurdles due to the challenge of availability of the treatment and its affordability. There are chances of complex aftermaths of the treatment that make people weak enough to face the battle and they die. In such a condition, Ayurveda can be a panacea to the humankind. Ayurveda was discovered and evolved in India and the treatment is in use for many years. The therapies and Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease have made it possible for people to fight against the issue. The surveys conducted on people post Ayurvedic treatment have recorded their feedback as positive. People who have undergone Ayurvedic treatment talk about the holistic impact they have felt on their bodies.

Medicines of Ayurveda for kidneys

Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease is made up of the herbs available in nature. Ayurveda says that every disease of the human body can be rectified with the herbs complemented with the right diet and lifestyle. There are certain herbs that are highly beneficial for the kidneys such as Punarnava, Plaash, and Kaasni. These herbs are hoarded with the essential compounds and therapeutic quality which is needed to alter the damage that occurred in the kidneys. Ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease can be prepared by mixing two or three herbs together or also be consumed individually. The stem, fruit, flower, bark, leaves, and seeds of the herbs are used as the medicines that are nephron-corrective in nature. They help in the rectification of deteriorated cells and tissues. Moreover, all the causative factors of kidney diseases are controlled by these herbal medicines. The efficiency of herbal medicines is to the extent that they eliminate the need for dialysis, kidney transplant, or any other artificial process. Hence, the pain can be prevented.

In addition to all these, the herbal medicines of Ayurveda can cure the complications caused to humans due to artificial medicines and surgeries. Ayurvedic medicines for kidney diseases are pocket friendly and effective for everyone. The customization of the medicines and professionalization of lifestyle is the key to a healthy life according to Ayurveda. This phenomenon makes the treatment process effective for everyone. When the medicines work on the cellular level, surface treatment and pacification can be done by the consumption of the right diet and practicing yoga, meditation, and a good lifestyle.

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The complex aftermaths of artificial treatment can be rectified with the help of Ayurvedic medicine for kidney diseases.