The secret of long life is Good Health.

Now days in stressed daily routine everybody require some relaxation.
Ayurvedic Massages, which should be a daily routine to lead a healthy and normal life.

One of the best massage that’s is prescribed goes by the name of “SIRODHARA”. This massage is done with special medicated oils. These medicated oils are specially prepared with various herbs and decoctions to suit all body types, either Vata, Pitta or Kapha, in special earthen pots over fire wood. This is then gently poured from a pot along a thread on to the forehead alongwith a mild massage. The procedure starts with tying a varti around the head, “VARTI” is linen cloth rolled like a string, which is used for tying. This helps the therapist to outline the exact position where the oil should drop; taking care it does not go into the eyes. After a liberal application of the medicated oil on the head and body, the guest is made to line supine on the special wooden bed “DRONI”; with his neck and head placed in a comfortable position. Care is taken to measure the particular height that the pot has to be placed over the forehead, to give the expected soothing to the head. All this procedure is meticulously done, which thus gives the best result after performing the therapy. This dripping of special medicated oil gently on the forehead activates the pituitary glands and stimulates the whole body. This massage is like an analgesic and designed to relax, revive and restore your body and mind. Along with the treatment of the head simultaneously the body is also handled with. Again special oil for the body is prepared with almost twenty varieties of special plants processed with milk and decoction. The body is rubbed lightly all over with this medicated oil. At the age of twenty or early thirties the anabolic state of the body may stop and the catabolic state takes over. The catabolic changes will effect both the body and mind; manifestations like wrinkles, sagging of skin, joint problems, lethargy, loss of memory, lack of sleep, lack of concentration, general weakness etc. are seen. To overcome all this, the best remedy is “Kairali’s” Sirodhara. Moreover, in today’s fast paced life and trying to catch up with targets and job pressures, one is full of stress. This day-to-day pressure and stress leads to various disorders in the body like neck pain, stiffness and Spondylitis.

The natural and toxic free way of relieving oneself from this malaise is the traditional therapy Sirodhara.

The overall benefit that one could gain from this therapy is it relaxes and invigorates the body and improves strength and strengthens the immune system there by preventing the body from disease, equalizes circulation and increases metabolism, enhances penetration of nutritional substances from the oils, relieves stiffness, soreness and pain, increases muscle tone and nerve functioning. All this can be achieved just at your doorsteps. The 5000-year-old medical science is practiced and perfected by “Kairali” as prescribed in the ancient Indian medical lore.

“KAIRALI” practices fitness through massages; and Sirodhara is one massage with medicated Herbal Oils; that builds up the stamina and energy and protects the body from ailments and illness. Briefest visit to “Kairali” however instills a profound change.

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