High Blood pressure or hypertension is getting quite normal among this generation, thanks to the slothful and stressful lifestyle. According to the official government data, 1 out of every 5 people in India and US alarmingly suffer from a high blood pressure condition.

Understanding Blood Pressure: Before moving further, let’s catch on BP. Basically, blood pressure is nothing but the amount of pressure exerted by blood on the walls of arteries. Due to inactiveness of the body or due to ageing, the arteries tend to fasten or lose their elasticity because of which the blood flow gets barricaded. The blood starts putting more pressure on the walls, causing a high blood pressure situation leading to damage, in certain circumstances minor leakage too. This leakage might lead to enormous problems such as Heart enlargement, Heart attacks, Facial paralysis, Anxiety, Tinnitus, etc.

Ayurveda’s Take: Ayurveda believes that for every human disorder, improper metabolisation and an imbalance between the doshas are responsible. Accumulation of toxins in the tissues and getting much physically and mentally stressful are the two major reasons for hypertension, credits Ayurveda. If you are encountering the horrors of high BP or believe in ‘prevention is better than cure’, look at some of the domestic Ayurvedic treatments for high blood pressure that would prove lethal weapons against hypertension:

  • Yoga:
  • According to Ayurveda, the best way to keep diseases away is to be active. Ayurveda experts across the globe recommend Yoga as the best anti-BP measure. Yoga brings the body into motion leading to smooth blood circulation because of which the wellness science is a major part of both- high and low BP treatment.

  • A Yogic Diet Plan:
  • One is recommended to bring out changes in the diet plan if he/she is seriously seeking to get rid of blood pressure problems. Meal-skipping and fast food intake are extremely not advisable for BP patients. One should be away from diets such as non-veg, table salts, tea, coffee, and pickles. A Yogic diet includes freshly cooked non-veg food, fruits, green vegetables, herbal juice, etc.

  • Say no to alcohol:
  • Alcohol and smoking hasten the heartbeat and blood flow. Chances of heart failure are utterly high among alcoholics. One is recommended to maintain as much distance as possible from alcohol, cigarette, tobacco, and nicotine products.

  • Fruits:
  • Ayurveda encourages the ingestion of fresh fruits and green vegetables. These are the best anti-toxin food products. Fruits such as Amla, Watermelon, Honey, etc., are rich in Vitamins and minerals that are highly handy in lowering the blood pressure. Use of fresh green vegetables in food is recommended in a number of diseases including hypertension.

  • Manage Stress:
  • There is nothing as fruitful as stress management while talking about Ayurvedic treatment for high BP. The best part about this is that it doesn’t need any external care but the control of one’s own emotions. Participate in laughter talks, get involved with family members, take rest and enough sleep are some of the best ways to control stress.

Apart from these, the ancient healing science offers a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments for hypertension that involves a herbal massage and intoxicating therapy. These therapies can be availed at any of the numerous Ayurveda centers in India.

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Rishikul Ayurshala is an Ayurveda institute in Kerala, India. At Rishikul Ayurshala, it is our effort to bring to the world the goodness and wellness of Ayurveda, which after all these years of study and research, is still a path less travelled for most in the world