While you may argue that your main goal is to speak French language fluently, but you also need to master the art of putting words into paper. For this you need to have strong grasp over grammar and vocabulary. You’ll need to play with words, construct sentences without errors and use grammar appropriately with correct tenses. Writing is an art and you need to have that creative prowess to do it well. We’ve put together a few valuable tips to help you write French seamlessly.

Opt for French language course

You should go for French language course in Kolkata if you really want to master the language and write it effortlessly. If you’re a novice, the course will help you start from scratch and move step by step to hone your writing skills. From basic lessons to advanced learning modules, a diploma course will cover everything.

Practice at home

It is essential to practice at home because that will help you to point out your mistakes and weaker areas. Is it your spelling? Or vocabulary? Or poor grammatical knowledge? Practice writing articles or letters in French language and begin with short and simple sentences. Beginners can choose a writing topic on their own. Anything that excites or interests them.

Use those words repeatedly that you know and become familiar with which grammatical rules you’re struggling with. Read the complex grammatical rules and use them while writing. It’ll surely help to push your limits. Set practice schedule every day and aim for process rather than success.

Be a voracious reader

All prolific writers of foreign language has one thing in common and that is they have been a voracious reader first and then a writer. They had integrated the reading strategy into their regular language leaning routine. Aspiring French scribblers should read newspapers, magazines, blogs, fictional stories, fairy tales and others. If you don’t have reading habits, enroll in a French language course in Kolkata.

Cover both simple and complex modules on grammar
You have to apply grammar properly when writing, hence you’ve to make sure you cover everything. From nouns to verbs, adverbs to prepositions, pronouns to tenses, everything is important while writing.

Get a tutor

Since guesswork and trial-and-error won’t work while correcting what you’ve written, a tutor is necessary for guidance. An expert French tutor with years of experience behind her/him can offer you the best assistance. They’ll also give you feedback after evaluating you. She/he may also help you plan your regular study schedule.

Use fluent

Fluent is a digital language learning platform that makes use of interactive subtitles and real-world videos. The platform has facilitated e-language learning and made it easier for students to read and write. To get started, you’ll need to become a member with a monthly subscription. You can use it simultaneously with a French language course in Kolkata.

Which of the above-mentioned strategies you’re going to adopt in your French writing practice? Share us your feedback and comments now in the box given below.

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Laxmon Gope is a renowned freelance writer. He has pursued French language in Kolkata and started his career as a broadcast journalist. Being an avid writer, he has expressed his delight in writing on diverse academics topics.