Bad breath is a condition which carries much stigma and affects a person's ability to interact with someone else. Smelly breath not only causes sever self consciousness for the unfortunate afflicted person, but it also rules out any possibility of romance unless of course the recipient of a romantic kiss has a high tolerance to odours from that part of the human anatomy. To that end here are some tips to help people to cope with B.B. and to find cures.
Prevent an Anaerobic Environment in Your Mouth
Sulphur gas forms from a build up of bacteria in your mouth due to a lack of saliva being generated. This is commonly known as dry mouth or Xerostomia. There are remedies which can help generate an oxygen rich form of saliva which eliminates both the bacteria and the environment they need to cultivate. If you suffer from dry mouth then this will be the number one tip to answer the question how to cure B.B.
Brush Your Teeth
B.B. is often caused by infrequent and improper brushing of teeth. Food collates between teeth and begins to rot. In turn this causes gum and tooth decay which contributes significantly to B.B. Through regular brushing and flossing you are providing an excellent cost effective cure for B.B. Remedies do not get better and easier to implement than this.
Cure the Underlying Infection
B.B. can be caused through a combination of factors one of which is infection to the lung, nose or intestinal tract. The bacterial infection produces odours which are generated and emitted when you speak. This not only gives you a B.B. but can also leave a bad taste in the mouth. Tackling the underlying cause through using medication is probably the best place to start before dabbling with something else like home cures for bad breath.
Avoid certain Foods
Foods such as onions, garlic and spices can accentuate a bad breath condition and should be avoided. They can also add pungent aromas if you do not have B.B. to begin with. As far as remedies for such problems go this one is very easily to implement. If you would like to eat this type of food it is probably best to do so in moderation and to avoid social events immediately after you have done so.
Ensure you actually have it
There is a psychological disorder called pseudohalitosis and sufferers believe they have chronic B.B. even though they do not. This can be as a result of deep underlying issues and need the treatment of a doctor. Sufferers do not have a smelly breath at all but are convinced that they do.
Research Home Cures
Home cures for B.B. can be a good way of avoiding taking chemicals and curing the condition through natural organic substances, and avoids taking medication. This can be an easy way to find a cure as many remedies to treat B.B. exist. It is advisable to check with your doctor before taking a homemade remedy especially if you are on existing medication.
Dental Appliances
If you have dental appliances fitted it is possible that your dentist has not fitted them correctly and subsequently bacterial build up has occurred. You may develop a smelly bad taste in your mouth. If you suspect this has happened talk to your dentist about a refit

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