Awareness is where manifesting begins—not with the awareness of what you want, but rather with the awareness of where you are in the moment, what you have right now. Once you have the awareness that you are complete in the now, then you are ready to step into the process of manifestation. If your awareness is on the things you don’t have, you will create more lack, so it is critical that you gain clarity on what’s in your mind. It is also critical that you look at the things you desire to manifest as if you already have them, or as if you know that you are already in process of creating them. Another tip—work on manifesting just one thing at a time. When you try to create in too many areas at once you broadcast your requests like a shotgun blast and the result sometimes looks like chaos.

Let’s start with NOW. What is the most important thing to you right this minute? It can be anything—there is no judgment. Is your focus on money? Health? Relationships? Career? Where you put your attention is what you will create in life.

So, you say, “I am putting all my attention on finding a new partner. I think about this day and night, but he or she never shows up. What am I doing wrong?” The answer lies in the focus. If your awareness is that you are missing this partner from your life, then the picture you are showing to the Universe is one where you are standing in a lovely garden and there is a gray hole standing right next to you where your partner should be…and the Universe says, “Yes, it is so.”

Let’s change this picture to enable the conscious creation you desire. See yourself in that garden working side-by-side with your partner. In this new picture, we see only your backs as the two of you diligently fertilize, weed and plant together, having fun and enjoying each other’s company! We can’t tell from this picture what your partner looks like because his/her back is toward us. What we see is to people in harmony with one another, having fun. And the Universe says, “Yes!”

Many books have been written teaching conscious creation. They all say to visualize and get clear on what you want, but I am presenting a different take on this. Of course it is important to visualize. Thoughts create things. And without clarity, our thoughts create chaos. This new technique of visualizing the action you want with the actors facing away is new. The important thing is to fill up the hole where you previously placed your attention on what you were missing with something which is actively participating with you in doing something that elevates your feelings to joy, bliss and love. Active participation is the key!

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Jean Adrienne is the creator of InnerSpeak, a tool for removing the blocks that hold you back from creating the life you desire in every area. Her website is