There are so many causes that are being promoted today. So many people trying to make a different in the lives of others, of animals and of dear Mother Earth. There are documentaries, commentaries, marathons and countless 5Ks, cycling events and telethons to name just a few. Colors are no longer just colors. They now have an additional meaning (ex/ pink). Ribbons and rubber bands are everywhere.

Regarding the ethical groups, the purpose seems to focus on raising funds for research, treatment and education. Many have been touched by horrible diseases or natural disasters and simply want to help others. Having had a number of patients with said diseases and family members die from them, I most certainly can understand as well as anyone.

With that in mind, I respectfully say that I think the biggest point is being missed here. Bringing awareness is, in my opinion, futile. Does anyone not know about cancer? Does anyone not know that smoking is a major cause? Yet, look around and note how many are still puffing away. Obesity and diabetes go hand in hand, yet junk food is being sold at record numbers. Everyone is aware that exercise is a must for a healthy body. How many are actually doing it? Awareness is not the issue.

Wearing ribbons and rubber bands may help a bit. For some of these organizations, a fraction of the monies raised from the selling of these items goes to helping the individuals in need. Again, in my opinion, the major point is being missed. There are so many ribbons of every color and shapes that people have become immune to them. The message is lost.

Do you really want to make a difference? A huge difference? Live the best life possible and be an example for others.

If you eat healthy and train, you will look and feel good. People notice. A few will ask and there is our huge window of opportunity. Instead of a rubber band, you are giving them a chance to recreate their physique and optimize their health. You provide the inspiration to help them choose green tea over a martini. They in turn, have the opportunity to lead by example as well.

Putting a ribbon takes mindless effort. In fact, it takes virtually no effort. Cooking herbs, going to the gym, skipping desert or taking nutrition (like Hgh Plus) takes time, discipline and a desire to live life fully. What a difference.

Want to help the poor? Become wealthy and abundant and teach as many others who are open to the information and have the dedication to take the needed, sometimes uncomfortable risks and actions. Insist on only one favor in return — passing it along to others.

Want to create peace in the world? Be peaceful with family, friends and neighbors. When those moments of “being human” arise, afterwards take the action to make peace quickly. Then learn from the error and pass the learnings along.

Leading by example is not for the feint of heart. It is not for the weak, nor the timid. Know that inside every single one of us, complete with a fluttering heart at times, under the veil of weaknesses and in the moments of timidity, we are strong, powerful individuals. We can pretend otherwise. We can use excuses, stories and tales of woe why such is not the case, but in moments of quiet reflection, we know otherwise.

One way or another, we are setting the example for others. Why not make it an example worth while.

Author's Bio: 

David Orman,, is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Expert and Educator.