If you have had a love break up many times, you will really know how hurtful and painful it can be. And if you thought back after the relationship ended, you probably saw all the signs that you didn’t recognize before. If you’ll remember those signs and keep them in mind, they can help you prevent a break up in the future. And they can also help you get back together after a split.

Lack of physical contact is one great sign that indicates upcoming love break up. This is not only about making love and doing sex. When your partner seems to lose any inch of interest in doing sex with you, a break up is coming for sure. But, sex normally can be too much or too less for any given relationship. This is all but natural, believe me! Even those simple holding of hands on public is not done anymore by your partner without any valid reason at all. He even stops embracing you or placing his arms over your shoulder during a movie date where in fact he always did it before.

When you noticed that there are big changes in your partner's affection towards you, both inside and outside the bedroom, expect that there is something going wrong. If it goes beyond not touching to the person actually becoming uncomfortable at your touch, then you definitely need to have a conversation with your partner about what’s going on.

More so, when a person does not want to be touched, it can be caused by a lot of things. Sometimes the person is thinking of something deep and then you suddenly touch him and so the tendency he may be surprised and shocked with such touch. A touch may indicate a time for sex, or if not you just want to be affectionate or intimate. If your partner moves away form your touch, it only means that he is not interested to be intimate with you this time. But it does not simply means that love break up is awaiting. Your partner is just stressed from work. Remember that not all the changes of the person's behavior signal a love break or there is something wrong in the relationship. You need first to determine whether or not the changes are just eventual or permanent.

When there are too much lies in the relationship, big or small it is, it can a sign of problems too. You see, if the lie is just too small and not that really a big issue, why did he still refuse to tell you? Even if one small and tiny lie is made, there will be more than that to happen in your relationship and when that time comes, it will become detrimental in your relationship. More so, once lies are made and found out, love break up is not the next big step. There are good lies though, something in a form of surprises and get together. May be your partner is doing a fun and meaningful secret for you, so a love break up is not at all applicable.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Review of Second Chance Romance and the tips on How To Get Over Being Dumped.