It has been known for a long time that women love Chanel handbags and if they have one, it holds pride of place in their wardrobe. Due to the high cost of these bags, it is usually unaffordable to most except for the fortunate few who are wealthy. Those who cannot afford a genuine handbag will most likely go through online stores to buy a replica Chanel bag at a much lower price.

The Philosophy Behind A Replica
Any company that manufactures replica Chanel handbags are guilty of breaching the Intellectual Property Rights of the House of Chanel. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to finish a project and get it ready for the market. When your exclusive and expensive designs are copied blatantly by someone else and sold in the market, it needs a strong response from Chanel to put a try to stop these illegal activities.

Funding Of Criminals – Your Replica Chanel Handbag
It is easy to think that buying a replica Chanel is harmless, but in fact it is illegal in many countries. Many of the counterfeit handbags are made in places where there is a lot of poverty. Gangsters looking to make a fast buck finance these illegal factories. They use cheap labor and in some places, even child labor to turn out these Chanel replicas and other products. The materials they use are of low quality, and the finish is poor when compared to the original. More often than not, the people who make these bags are paid a pittance, and are threatened by the gangsters if they do not perform well.

Market Economy And International Finance
Due to the high demand for replica Chanel products, the balance of trade of several countries are affected. Most of the manufacturing and distribution of these counterfeit Chanel bags is done covertly. Because of this, the government loses out on tax that they should have recovered from these sales. Most of our city and urban infrastructure is financed by tax money, and if that is not coming in, people will suffer. Even overseas investors are wary of doing business in a country that does not take a hard stance on counterfeiting. Because of the inability to compete with the counterfeiters, many businesses become bankrupt and a lot of people could lose their jobs. For the counterfeiters too, the goose that laid their golden eggs is killed, and they have to look at other markets to make money.

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