Selling Chanel replica is a blatant contravening of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). By using replicas you are in a way condoning activities that are illegal.

Why it is Illegal
Infringing on others’ IPR is against the law. You may have thought that replica Chanel may be illegal but it is harmless. This is where you are wrong. Counterfeiting is anything but harmless. Most of these knock off products are manufactured in places where poverty reigns. The unscrupulous manufacturers make use of people’s helplessness to fatten their own wallets. They cut corners when it comes to the quality of raw materials used. The laborers who make these fake Chanel handbags are not trained. Naturally, the workmanship leaves much to be desired. This is not a crime exactly. What is a crime though, is the fact, that these untrained laborers are not paid what they deserve. Some manufacturers even use forced child labor. Children who should be out playing or studying in schools are not allowed to see the light of the day.

Global Calamity
Global calamity? It that not taking it a bit too far? No. The continued patronage enjoyed by Chanel replica and other replica products is undermining the economy of several countries. How so? Manufacturing and selling replicas, as you know, is an illicit trade. Naturally, an illicit business does not pay any tax. It is tax money that funds all civic and development projects. Every time a fake Chanel bag is bought somewhere, that particular government loses money by way of taxes. Foreign investors balk when it comes to investing in countries that condones counterfeits. Therefore, by buying knock-offs you are putting your country in a bad position economically.

Fake Chanel handbag and Terrorism
Is there a connection? Some investigative reports say there is. Counterfeiting luxury goods is an illegal activity that provides more returns on investment than any other trade. Naturally so, as there are no fair wages to be paid, some of the laborers used for manufacturing these products are said to be bonded laborers. The quality of materials used is often very poor. There are no taxes to be paid. More and more terror organizations are believed to use income from counterfeits like fake Chanel handbag to fund their activities. You can stop these activities. Just spread the word among your friends and relatives. If you are attending any purse parties talk about this there too.

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