It is common knowledge that a branded handbag is an item that is a priority in ladies wardrobe. A branded Chanel handbag conveys to others that you have made it, that you can afford a product created by an iconic designer. It brings out a lot of emotions in people who cannot afford such a luxury. But for those who cannot afford an authentic Chanel handbag, there are plenty of ways to get a replica Chanel handbag.

Short Lifetime For An Expensive Handbag
The selling of a replica Chanel handbag is illegal, but to purchase a fake handbag is not considered a crime. Therefore the question is “What is the harm in buying a replica Chanel handbag?” It might look good when it is fresh out of the box and used a few times, but you can be certain, it will have a very short lifespan. Also, when you check out the product, you can immediately see that the quality is not the same as the original, but as nobody is going to ask you if it is a replica, you can get away with it. Even though they are considered as replicas, they are certainly not cheap. They will be sold as “like the real thing”, but the cost is also like the real thing, but sometimes a little cheaper.

Things To Watch Out For
Normally the size and shape of a replica Chanel handbag is similar to the real Chanel product, but on examination of the fabric quality and the stitching, you can find the difference. It is not easy at the beginning, as some of the newer counterfeiters have also made it difficult to tell the difference, but an expert can still tell which one is a genuine Chanel and which one is a replica.

Real Versus Replica…A Long War
If your wife has a genuine Chanel handbag in her wardrobe, you can be certain that it has been made with the workmanship with the finest materials. You are buying an heirloom, which can be passed down generations. Buying a genuine Chanel product means that you are fond of the finer things in life and are not afraid of paying for it. This translates into elegance and confidence that can never be duplicated by a replica Chanel handbag. Finally, you should remember never to buy a cheap imitation that makes use of the popularity and reputation of someone else’s genius.

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