Music is an art and not everybody can master this art as it requires true dedication and knowledge. Besides, playing an instrument requires utmost attention and your cravings to know more about the instrument and playing the rhythms. Your hunger will drive you towards the goal.
No doubt violin is very popular among the children and most of the parents are running after looking for the school offering violin lessons Singapore. However, do not skip checking if they are really interested in learning this instrument as only true cravings can keep the ignition in the heart.

Remember when someone is watching the violinist play a beautiful piece, he or she watches a mesmerizing picture while listening to the music created by you. When you look at a violinist you won't even fathom the struggle that they have gone through or the amount of time they have spent on mastering the art of playing effortlessly. Leaning violin lessons can be easier on you till you have structured yourself to focus on the rights and avoid the mistakes.

Being a beginner, you will make mistakes – and everyone does, so just relax! You need to find out time to check the mistakes and work on it so that it does not get repeated again.

Wondering, what are the mistakes? True! Being a beginner, it is very hard to comprehend the mistakes that you might be making and hence the teacher offering the violin lessons could be the best guidance. Well, not every time, you can ask for help from your master and hence here we will talk about some of the most common mistakes made by the beginners along with including the right solution.

Avoid picking a wrong violin:

You must be knowing by now that there are endless brands and sizes of violin available in the world, from them there are 8 main types. Therefore, while you are out for the violin shop to choose a violin, you must choose the right one that is suitable for you.

Now how do you measure the right that fits right on you?

Well, you need to do some measurement – start from the neck and reach to the wrist and palm. This entire space will be required by you while you are playing the instrument. You must not opt for the online shops to choose the violin as it might end up a disappointment, as you need help from an experienced luthier.

Visit the shop and you can find the professionals available to help you in making the right choice. Besides, being available in three different levels like professionals, intermediates and students would help you to choose an instrument as per your comfort level.

Avoid playing without knowledge on the craft:

There are many people who have this mindset to try something very new even when the entire instrument is new to them without investing much on the craft. You must know that playing violin is not easy – it could take years of practice to earn the knowledge and be able to play something new.

Knowledge on the instrument is certainly needed to be able to play it and which is why you need to opt for the violin lessons Singapore. Without knowledge, you cannot even hold the instrument properly and therefore make sure you invest in violin lessons before you choose to experiment.

You can choose to take self-teaching but to be very truthful when its violin, guidance is much needed. You have to work on the posture, the way you need to hold the instrument, the way you have to put your fingers and the way to play. It comes with guidance from skilled and consistent practice.

Seeking professional help can become a great choice for the aspirants.

Avoid overlooking the postures:

Just as mentioned previously, you must not overlook the posture as it makes a huge difference in playing. When you are just starting, you have to pay attention to the posture as only then will you be able to hold the instrument correctly. Make sure you are evenly distributing the weight on both of your legs and able to balance the rhythms.

You must know that playing the violin demands a relaxed shoulder, neck and back and therefore before you take it on your shoulder, you must start relaxing. Proper relaxation is a mandatory thing. Put the instrument on your collarbone and grab it with your cheekbone.

Make sure you are not feeling the strain on your shoulder and while moving. Do not wheeze while you are playing just breathe smoothly. This is because, when you breathe uneven, it can intervene in the performance. Also, make sure that your upper body has the strength as you have to work with your upper body. So, start sitting straight with your feet touching firmly on ground which controls the core areas. This will lead to strengthen the muscles and improve the posture.

Avoid taking techniques lightly:

You must not take the techniques lightly and which will be purely done by your trainers in the violin lessons. When you practice properly and regularly, you can easily perfect and master the profession. Techniques are important to be able to play the instrument properly and perfectly.

Whether you are just beginning or you are a self-learner, start delving into it. Listen to the instruction provided by the trainers in the violin lessons and check thoroughly. Keep improvising and keep practicing as initially it might seem impossible but the more you invest, the more you grow higher the obstacles.

You can become your biggest critic to be able to find the mistakes and keep rectifying until you perfect it.

Avoid skipping regular practice and giving excuses:

This is perhaps the biggest challenge than any other physical challenges listed so far. We all know that when we keep practicing, we keep improving, but being humans with impatient characteristics, not seeing results within days result in giving up.

This is where your patience and determination can play a major role as the more you start practicing keeping aside your excuses, the more you are able to grow and fulfill your dreams. If you are really busy and you are not able to make long practice, do not worry and start keeping 20 to 30 minutes of practice session.

Remember, Violin is more about muscle memory rather than your eyes. This is where your vision will work less but your aural and mental senses will work more.

You definitely have seen the violinists closing their eyes while playing and they dive into a different world but their hands keep playing. How is that possible? With practice and muscle memory. This is where your brain instructs and your muscles work without the need for your eyes.

Bottom Line:

Violin can captivate the senses and therefore it requires enough attention and knowledge. The more you keep practicing, the more you keep avoiding the mistakes, the more you are able to move towards the goals and achieve it. Irrespective of the instrument you choose to play, you must know that challenges are a common part. You have to work on it to be able to achieve the goals in the least time.

Remember, eventually it is your dream and you have to work on it, overcome the challenges, rectify the mistakes to become a violinist. But one thing you can do just to make it easier is to start taking the violin lessons Singapore provided by the best and skilled trainers who can help you to train and master this impeccable art.

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Michael Loh is a renowned violinist and a trainer offering violin lessons Singapore. He has been an inspiration for many. From his writings he has helped many beginners to take effective steps that could lead them to becoming a better violinist. Follow him to find more details and become a great violinist.