It is often reported that approximately one of 3 women who seek either weight loss or eating disorder treatment experience binge eating disorder. This is a an estimate and could possibly be even higher due to the secrecy and shame that usually comes with the disorder. Finding help to stop binge eating is possible and requires at the very least an admission of the problem. There are several mistakes that are commonly made when trying to stop binge eating.

Avoid these mistakes to stop binge eating

Avoid diets and restrictive eating plans

Dieting and restrictive eating behavior is perhaps the most common mistake when trying to get help for binge eating. A starved body will naturally have craving that are beyond control. Furthermore, the craving lead to a mental obsession with food that inevitably leads to excess eating at some point, followed by feelings of failure, shame and then starting another diet!

Avoid going for too long without eating

When trying to stop binge eating and seek a permanent solution it is crucial to take adequate care of your nutritional needs. Eating regular meals and not going too long between meals is essential. There is always the urge to skip a meal and speed up weight loss, but the end result will always be more overeating and a mental obsession that prevents you from being fully present in life.

Not having adequate coping skills to manage stress

Another major precursor to overeating is finding yourself in a stressful situation and not having the right coping mechanisms to deal with what is going on. For a lasting recovery and to stop binge eating as a solution to the stress it is essential to learn coping skills. Some examples could be therapy, journal writing, reaching out to a support group or a meditation practice. Find what works effectively for you

Negative self talk

All forms of negativity directed at oneself reduce self esteem, confidence and lead to an inevitable desire to self harm through stuffing the negative feelings with food. Watch your negative self talk and try out strategies that combat these self defeating thoughts. The more you are negative with yourself and your achievements, the harder it will be to stop binge eating and get lasting help. Make notes of all the positive things that you have done for your recovery and make sure you get into the habit of repeating these to yourself each day.


Avoid people and isolating is a major obstacle to getting help with binge eating. This is where the disordered thinking starts and if you are isolated you have no way of controlling it. If you cannot be with people at a particular time, make sure you have set up a network of people who can support you and allow you to connect and get the negative, obsessive thinking out of your head.

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