Are you wondering why a limited number of people are registering for your program and/or services?

Are you open to learning something that may have a positive impact on your results forever?

Let’s talk about presentation languaging. These are words that every presenter needs to avoid because they trigger a negative reaction in your audience.

You want to take a close look at these words and avoid using them.

1. Never Ever Say “Closing” in your presentation – You are probably saying right now “AmondaRose, I would never say that.” I thought no one would, until I was speaking at an event with 250 women in attendance. One of the speakers started saying things like “When you go to my Closing Table…” and “Sue is a great Closer and she is going to close you. “ I couldn’t believe my ears. The speaker’s use of the word “closing” made my skin crawl. No one wants to be closed or feel like they are being sold something. They want to invest in something because they made a conscious choice to purchase it.

2. Pledge to never ever say “Sign Up.” – How would you feel if a speaker suggested you “Sign Up “for a program? Would you feel like the program had a lot of value or would it conjure up visions of poor quality and lack luster results. Replace the word “Sign Up” with “Register” or “Reserve” depending on your specific program or service offer. It is way more inviting and appealing to your prospective clients and audiences.

3. Avoid the Unwanted by eliminating the word “Cost” – Are you competing with the local food store where your favorite item cost… or do you want your clients to see you at an entirely different level? The word “Cost “doesn’t say anything about value. It only focuses on the price. You want to train yourself to use words like invest or investment. As a result, you are training your clients that it isn’t about the cost: it is about the investment in their future.

Author's Bio: 

AmondaRose Igoe is the author of "Pain-Free Public Speaking", a contributing author in the number #1 Best Selling book series "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and was a Featured Expert on the FOX 4 Television Station.

AmondaRose specializes in helping business owners, coaches, authors, healers, leaders and entrepreneurs master and utilize the power of public speaking to grow their business quickly and help more people now.