Right from the time, one opens their eyes in the morning until hitting their pillow at nightfall- logos are seen everywhere. Whether it’s the cars we drive, the clothes we wear and even the products we use; each of them as its own distinctive brand insignia. Furthermore, even the streets and communities are filled with street signs, boarding and marques.

Believe it or not, but a normal person is exposed to more than 1000+ logos (maybe even more) every day. And this shows how much of a role logos play in endorsing brands and products.

The main purpose of a logo is always to draw the attention of the users. It is a simple, budget-friendly, and highly effective way of representing the company, share its story and even symbolise their brand in front of everyone.

That’s why the importance of having a quality and compelling logo design is of utmost importance. And if designed wrongly, it could jeopardise, even ruin the reputation and success of the company- regardless of how great the products/services claim to be.

Despite what’s potentially at stake, a lot of company owners design their logos unprofessionally. And this prevents them from attracting more potential customers to their business website. What any business owner wants is to make their customers remember their business logo sign. And if you want to achieve this, then here are few logo design blunders to avoid at all costs.

“Stealing Or Copying From Some Other Source.”

Believe it or not, but a lot of business copy logo design ideas from other sources knowingly, and cross their fingers and hoping to get away with it. That’s never going to work as copyrights and infringements could just be around the corner. The original source can even potentially file legal ramifications.

So, as the first logo designing mistake, never run the risk of copying another brand’s logo in the hopes of making massive money. Always come up with something unique, fresh and unseen yet!

“Vague/Over Complex Design With Poor Colour Choice.”

The primary purpose of every logo design is to communicate the message of the company to the client or the customer. Henceforth, when designing a business logo, never make it too vague or over complicated.

Look at logos of the best companies in the world. They are always easy to understand and eye catchy for its targetted customers. So learn from them and try to keep their business logo as lucid as possible.

The colour of a logo can either make or break its market reputation. That’s why one should avoid not using jarring colour scheme which can take the client’s mind off the logo even before they have considered it.

One useful logo design process is involving some of the customers and asking them their least favourite colour. An even easier way would be to hire professional logo designing services in Sydney who understands the colour psychology in business logos.

They will use their skills and experience to pull off a conceptual and compelling logo design which best expresses the message of the brand.

“Typographic Mistakes and Fancy Effects To Get The Message Through.”

Another logo design blunder includes typos and lettering mistakes. With that, other issues could also be due to spacing issues, poor kerning (wrecking the flow of letterforms), preposterous font choices or fonts with extremities in weight, predictable typeface, or mixing 3-4 fonts in that very design.

With that, many commit the mistake of creating logos relying on fancy effects and other modes of stylisation. Don’t make this mistake.

Look around, the best logos in the world get their message conveyed in its simplest of forms. So, keep this in mind.

It is imperative to avoid these logo designing mistakes for one’s brand endorsement. To get immaculate logo designs done at budget-friendly rates; one should contact a reliable business logo designing company in Melbourne and get it done.

If one wishes to discuss the design first, these experts will be more than happy to talk.

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The author... works in a business logo designing company in Sydney for years, and has heaps of experience. With that, the author is also a writer who educates the readers on important facts and trends about logo designing services in Melbourne.