Electricity is a source without which our lives are incomplete. We are living in an environment where all our work is done because of electrical power. Therefore, electrical equipment must be checked now and then for better functioning. Also, ensure that the wiring systems are not outdated and are sufficient in supplying power to other appliances, electronics, and lighting.

The traditional circuits were not designed to provide power to different types of electronics and lighting, unlike modern equipment. There are many difficulties in traditional equipment when it comes to extension cords.

Avoid these 13 Electrical Problems to Ensure Your Home’s Safety<br />

When you are selecting the household electric appliance, you must not neglect the safety measures. If you are facing situations like huge bills, damaged appliances, flickering lights in your home, this means the home circuit is not in very good condition.

The damage in electronic devices can be in a different manner. However, with the timely replacement, you can have a safe and reliable electrical distribution panel at your home. We have provided a comprehensive list of electrical troubles and their solutions. Have a look!


In some situations, your light fitting may have a bulb with more watts than the designed fittings. Therefore, there will be a code violation where the risk level can be high. The heat from the bulb may also burn the socket and the surrounding of the fixture. This will result in a spark from one wire to another. Even when the bulb is removed, the wires and socket will still be damaged. If the wattage is not determined, you can use a 60-watt bulb or less than that.

2)Power Dips and Sags

Sags are kind of dips that occur when electrical power grip is damaged and appliances are connected to it. The damage can also occur when the grid is of poor quality. Power dips are also the reason for more usage of power.

3)Uncovered Junction Box

You already know that there are lots of wires interconnected with each other in the junction box. If this box is not covered properly, anyone can get an electric shock from the naked wire. The risk can only be reduced when the cables are not in the reach. Therefore, it is a wise decision to cover the junction box with the screws.

4)Flickering Light

Due to the windy atmosphere, you might have experienced frayed wiring and flickering light in the household. It is not regarded as a code violation but it is riskier than that. It can also cause a sudden fire. It is important to call the electrician to fix the flickering light issue.

5)Light Switches Not Working

The reason behind the light switches not working is due to substandard products or bad work of your technician. It may be the fault of circuit or wiring, make sure to get it to check with the electrician.

6)Limited Outlets

The majority of the houses today are dependent on extension cords and power strips. It is advisable not to use load extension cords like 14-gauge to reduce any type of risk. Also, you can increase the outlets to avoid the usage of extension cords in the home.

7)Tripping Circuit Breaker

When along with your hairdryer, you utilize instruments that are consuming more power, there is a high chance of circuit to get a break. Tripping is also a hint that your home is protected. Analyze the reason for this tripping and use a low setting where the power can also be controlled.

8)Electric Shocks

When the electricity is not correctly utilised, it can result in electrical shock which is always the worst nightmare for anyone. The electrical problems will increase if the electrical appliances are not replaced. The fault can be of the wiring pattern or the appliance. To resolve this issue, you can also test it with other devices.

Electric Shocks

9)Absence of Residual Current Circuit Breaker

RCCB is identified as an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB). This is also used to separate the load from the central supply when the circuit passes a current. With the usage of RCCB, you can get the protection against electric fire and corrosion problems.

10)Burning of Light Bulbs

These are the following reasons for the burning of bulbs.

  • Insulation is near the light
  • High wattage
  • Wattage is higher than the fixture capacity
  • Poor wiring

11)Excessive Electricity Bill

It is not appropriate to place the tandem breakers in one slot rather than many single-pole breakers. The tandem breakers do not take two slots in a single circuit. The problem can only be resolved by the addition of the sub-panel or replacing the existing panel with an extended model.

12)Aluminium Wiring

Aluminium wire has a high danger level as they are an economical substitute for copper. They are used in traditional wiring, but they are never a safe option. When the aluminium comes in contact with the copper, it leads to fire. In case of light fixtures, one can refit a dielectric wire from aluminium wire to copper mains. This also helps in stopping corrosion because of grease.

13)Pushed Wires

At the back of switchboard, there may be loose pushed wires for switches. The risk occurs when the loose wires are damaged and it stops working. Check the wires, release or fix them to the receptacle.


It is safe for all the family members to be cautious with the above signs of electrical problems as it can be hazardous. It is not always human error, sometimes there can be a wiring fault. The environment also plays a major part in the damage of electronic appliances. It is advisable to replace the electrical supply system of the house on a timely basis to avoid such problems in the future.

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