What exactly is keeping you from starting to shed pounds? Do you not have a definite strategy on how to slim down and get overwhelmed when considering starting? This informative article will provide you with the guild lines and information about how you can start simple and not be overwhelmed with your weight loss efforts.

Before we get into specific strategies of weigh reduction, I will help you understand two main points. Slimming down is the effect of eating well and exercising more. No if's and's or but's about it. . There are a wide range of subjects about eating well (nutrition) and exercise. But today we will focus more about eating smarter & weight-loss.

Basic Nutrition 101

When starting on any weigh-loss plan a foundation of basic nutrition knowledge will be required for your success. You must know what macro-nutrients are. Macro-nutrients are the foods we eat everyday, they are Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats (Lipids). The main purpose of macro-nutrients is to provide the body with the energy need to function. There are many types of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, but for the sake of interest we will keep it as simple as possible. If you where to take anything away from this article it please understand the following; for every single Gram of Protein and Carbohydrate they each contain 4 calories and for each Gram of fat it will contain 9 calories. This is essential information to retain because if you keep a daily nutrition journal (Highly Recommended) you will record the amount you each with each meal from Caloric intake & macro-nutrient intake. Nutrition in general is a very interesting subject and to take your weight reduction further your just skimming the surface here. On this website I will recommended books, movies and other media you should take interest in if you are going to take weight-loss and health further.In my humble opinion Each person should have the basic knowledge on how to take care of them self this is only the first step!
Tip#1 Keep a Food intake Journal

Lao Tzu once said “Great Acts are made of small deeds.” [pullquote align="left"]Great Acts are made of small deeds[/pullquote]Keeping a journal is one small act towards your greater deed of weight loss. I strongly suggest for anyone considering a serious weight loss program that they keep a food intake journal. Record everything, anything you put into your mouth you must record it, yes even liquids, hopefully just water. Doing this will not only develop strong habit changing skills and will power, both essential to successful fat loss, but will also shock you about how when you are aware of what you eat it will cause you to think a little bit more about what you place in your mouth. If you become a more conscious eater than is just one major part of changing your eating habits that will have long term positive effects. To make this a little bit easier download an app for your smart phone that will help you calculate calories in food, or just learn to read the nutrition labels on the back of food packaging. At the end of each meal and/or day record the amount of food you have had to eat and record the calories, and macro-nutrient intake (protein, carbs, and fats) Do this at least 6 days out of the week and take your food recording skills a rest one day a week. Sure this seems like a daunting task but trust me its not just another chore for you to do, get into a habit and it will become like second nature. If your going to do a fat reduction program right you must do it right!
Tip#2 Start Small

Losing fat is a journey and each journey starts with a step. Start with task you know is possible for you. If you are do accomplish realistic goals each day they will add up. Think of your weight loss like a bank account the more small little realistic deposits you make your weight in this case will decrease (un-like a bank accounts increase), is that easy for you to understand, do you get it now? No matter how small if you do at least one thing towards reducing your weight it will payoff. But on the other hand you do not want to bite off more than you can chew. You must walk before you run, each task you do whether it be walking more, keeping a food journal, or cooking a meal the more realistic the task the more likely you are to succeed! But if you think your going to run a marathon in two days think again, take it nice an slow, one step at a time. Some actions I suggest you do that anyone can do; is to cut the the calories you drink! Do you realize that one 32oz fountain drink contains 400 calories and a total of 98.5gs of carbohydrates, not to mention that those carbs and all sugar horrible for you (but that for another day). But image if you cut all the calories from just beverages imagine how much calories you will wipe out from your daily intake. Cutting all those empty calories will cause you to lose weight just that one action will have an impact. Start small and your chances for lifelong health and long term weigh reduction will increase each day

Now you should be able to begin shedding weight and feeling fantastic. You will end end so excite achieving your own personal record, fitting into old or new clothes, more energized. Once you actually make the decision to take action it will be the best choice you may ever make in your life. Begin using these two simple tips and you will definitely be on your way and will be equipped to start losing weight today! What will you do today?

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Andrew Pena
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